What is SEO, its Free Tools and major Algorithms?

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimisation. This is a practice of promoting a website on the Organic search engine results or increasing the web traffic through non-paid activities.

SEO is divided into two categories these are On-page optimisation and Off-page optimisation!

Both are equally important to get success in SEO. They are completely different than each other and a wrong On-page activities can ruin all the Off-page efforts.

What is On-page optimisation?

We can call that “On-site SEO” also. Whatever work that we do on our website/domain can be considered On-page optimisation. Below is the list of examples that come under On-page areas: –

On-page optimisation

What is Off-page optimisation?

After the On-page is done the Off-page activity starts and this is very crucial or important activity to achieve the top ranking for the website on SERP (search engine result page). Promoting or sharing our main domain information on other websites are considered Off-page optimisation. Below are some examples: –

Off-page optimisation

Google major Algorithms

Google Panda

The overall objective of this algorithm is to lower down the ranking of the poor quality or thin websites on search engine result page.

It was released in Feb 2011 and that name came from the person who developed this technology Mr. Navneet Panda, it benefited and still benefiting to the high-quality websites.

Google Penguin

This algorithm was launched to penalise those websites who were using the Black-hat-SEO (unethical practice to achieve the top ranking on SERP). After its launch in April 2012 so many top ranking websites lost their top ranking.

It is mainly related to the Back-linking and websites that violate the Webmaster tool guidelines.

Apart from the above Google Panda and Google Penguin there are a few more algorithms but they are not that much impactful for the SERP.

-Mobile Friendly Update
-Rank Brain

FREE tools by Google

Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools

This is a free tool from Google to check the indexing and other factors to improve the website performance on the search engine results.

Visit https://goo.gl/C4RHi7 to login in search console.

Google Analytics

This is also a free tool from Google to check the traffic on the website. This tool helps you analysing the traffic, geographical performance and other user’s behaviour which aid you strategizing for your further promotion campaigns for your website.

Visit https://goo.gl/LA44rr to login in Google Analytics tool.


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