Top 5 tips for Facebook Advertising campaign success

Losing money on Facebook Advertising? Or not sure how to create a profitable campaign?

The testing is required to achieve your goals from the Facebook Advertising campaigns as it’s a very big platform to do the promotion and if we don’t apply the right strategies then all the money will waste.

In this post, you will know the areas that you need to consider before and during the campaign run. If you are new in the Facebook Advertising then surely this article is for you 🙂 .

Facebook can help you to do your company branding, reach your desired audience, increasing your page likes/shares, and generate leads & sales and much more. Only you should know that how to set up the campaign correctly.

#1 Pick the right Facebook marketing objective

Facebook has divided the promotion objectives into three categories and these are – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. Each option has its own importance.

  1. Awareness Newly opened businesses can use the Awareness option as it allows doing the Branding and Reaching the desired & targeted audience. The established companies also can use this option to improve their brand awareness.
  2. Consideration As it sounds, you can encourage the audience to engage with your brand/products/services. With this option, you can promote the Mobile app, push your audience to send messages through Messenger and much more.
  3. Conversions This is one of my favourite Facebook Advertising Marketing Objective option, you can increase your company Sales/Enquiries using this option.

#2 Integrate Facebook Pixel

If you are willing to run the Conversion or Traffic to your website etc then do not miss to add the Pixel integration on all your web pages including the Thank You page that comes after filling the inquiry form of your landing page.

Here are the benefits of adding the Pixel code on your website or landing pages: –

  • You can run the Facebook Re-marketing campaign to increase your conversions.
  • You can create the Lookalike audience and approach more audience.
  • You can optimise the campaigns after analysing the traffic and statistics.

Click here to learn more on the Facebook Pixel and integration process.

#3 Selection of the right audience targeting

This is very important to success any campaign. Choosing the wrong target may burn all your money for nothing.

There are plenty of options to target your desired & specific audience, have a look below: –

A- We have the options to target by Demographics, Behaviours, and Interest wise.

Demographics Behaviours Interests
Education Anniversary Business and industry
Home Consumer classification Entertainment
Life events Digital activities Family and relationships
Parents Ex-pats Fitness and wellness
Politics (US) Mobile Device User Food and drink
Relationship Multicultural affinity Hobbies and activities
Work Purchase behaviour Shopping and fashion
Travel Sports and outdoors

Look at the below info to understand more on the above available targeting.

Facebook Available Target Options

B- Custom Audience

In this option you can target your created audience that you have built on Facebook, Audience Network, and Instagram.

You can use this option to do the Re-marketing campaign too. You can find the Custom Audience option under the Assets option.

Refer the below screenshot to see what other options are available under the Facebook Custom Audience.

C- Lookalike Audience

Do you want to target the new audience who can be interested in your products or services? If YES, use the Facebook Lookalike Audience. The advert system helps you reach the similar audience to your built audience.

Determine the below information if you are planning to use the Lookalike Audience option: –

  • It only includes the specific country/locations that you select while setup.
  • At least 100 people required from a single country.
  • You can use one country source audience for another country. For an example, if you have 50,000 audiences from country “A” then you can use the same audience for the country “2”.
  • Pixel code integration is must to include in the source audience.
  • For a single ad set, you can use/create multiple lookalike audiences.

#4 Choose the right ad format

Currently, we have 5 types of ads available and each one has its own importance.

Your ads will be showing on mobiles news feed, desktop right column, audience network, instant articles, Instagram and on many other placements. So you have to pick and create the ad copy accordingly so that ads message and call-to-action should be visible to all the placement’s visitors.

For an example, if your ad copy “Heading” is long then the ad’s “News feed” text will not be visible on mobiles. See the below screenshot the Heading is short that is why the News Feed text is visible else long Heading will cover all the space. Also, News Feed text does not show on Desktop right column.

Further, if you are planning to run the campaign on all the placements then you might need to add different banners and have to plan the ad’s text accordingly.

Click here to learn more on the Facebook Adverts Guide.

#5 Facebook Split Testing (strongly recommended for the new Facebook advertisers)

It allows you test one advert set in different versions. Normally Facebook split testing runs for minimum 3 days and maximum 14 days but once there is a winning Ad set then it might end before 14 days also.

The thing to remember- You only can add one ad copy to test under the Split Testing.

You can test Delivery, Placements and Audience options and see what works for you. To learn more on the Split Test creation you can visit

Hope these above 5 tips will help to achieve success from your next Facebook Advertising campaign. Be up to date with the new updates to be on top.


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