Tips to Increase Web Traffic in 2019

In 2019 only increase in traffic will not work we the digital marketer or business owners need to increase the potential of the website which can attract a large number of audience that can give a high percentage of conversions.

In the world of hyper-targeting it is easier to get in touch of a relevant audience but only by making niche specific valuable content or your product/services can convenience the visitor to take any action.

Also, sharing it among their groups which can increase the web traffic by looping the shares among existing customers.

Loops of shareable data have the power to increase the audience through existing audience we can consider it as modern word of mouth marketing and this can generate traffic organically.

AMP Websites – In this mobile age we need to showcase the best version of the website on mobile devices and for that Accelerated Mobile Pages are necessary.

As a large number of audience is using mobile so one must concentrate on mobile traffic as well.

AMP creates a smooth roadmap to attract the relevant audience in a magnetic way because accelerated mobile pages have that ability to decrease the website loading speed on mobile phones.

AMP websites are the most desirable among all the online business looking out for different goals as it revolves around the story of one second to take it or leave it.

Country-specific domain – Becoming global and raising web traffic and success bar on global level is in trend right now.

With country specific domain and language it helps a visitor to gel-up well with your website.

Users/Visitors can connect easily with that business and website and this can also lead to online/offline word of mouth marketing.

Domain-specific websites can be determined with their domain extensions like .in for India, .us for America, .sg for Singapore etc.

Through country specific domain you will be able to create a proper choice of your audience from a large selection and mainly it will help you in attracting the relevant local audience. 

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Country-specific web hosting – The location of the server and the website which you want to host matters a lot when you talk about the speed of your website.

Another thing which really matters is the search engine on which your website is ranking and the results which search engine really shows.

So, for country-specific web hosting do a thorough search of your search engine and the potential of that search engine after that target upon the audience as per the country and the hosting server. 

Check your online business needs and traffic potential and then target the audience and host your website on that specific country’s server for better performance and audience reach.

SSL on domain – The question which will arise in your mind after seeing SSL in heading is do we need SSL certification although website will work without it.

If you consider being online and if you consider having a proper and secure business website then you need SSL certificate.

According to Google SSL certificate is very important when we talk about website ranking and only secure websites gain more traffic then insecure website as people wanted to visit only secure websites as nobody wanted to be in security crisis.

So, ultimately the task is to gain good quality web traffic then you must have an SSL certificate for your domain.

Unique content & Emphasize on Video marketing – As we know content is king and it will always be a king but unique informative and valuable content will rule in 2019 and beyond.

Similarly, video marketing is the best way to gain web traffic as this format of the content is the most loved and searched for on the search engines like YouTube.

This is the most specific way of reaching out to the hyper-relevant audience who has a keen interest in your videos/product or services.

Unique Content writing. presenting it to your audience in a different format and one of them being video marketing is more than marketing it is more like building a relationship with your audience.

So, build relationships and trust in a creative manner with your audience in a few simple steps of content development and video marketing for desired web traffic.

Target Long Tail Keywords – Long Tail Keywords targeting is one of the evergreen ways to grab the web traffic and this is followed by almost all the digital marketers around the globe.

The long tail keyword is mainly the long selection of those keywords which are mostly typed by a visitor on a search engine.

As the trend says people type long queries in search engine which directly shows the way of writing query pattern.

Social Media Contest/Quiz/Free eBooks – Social media contests/Quiz and free e-books hold a great potential of engagement and are still a latest and most opted in 2019.

This trend will remain the same for some more years are these options add a large percentage of web traffic engagement.

Creativity and valuable free eBook content attract your audience a lot as it will add some value to their current knowledge and people want to learn more through free sources and fresh quality content.

High DA/PA unique backlinks – Backlinks are a gateway to get huge traffic from a different website which already has a high audience base.

It is a well-known way to get traffic from high domain authority and page authority websites.

Backlinks are one of the important ranking factors as our research says which we have done on Google Ranking factors.

Maintaining your website’s backlink profile will always give you good rank.

Relevant traffic and what is more significant is the high-quality domain and page authority unique backlinks.

Only after doing a thorough research on the website on which you are creating backlink can help you with your online business specific audience as only target audience has the potential to give your higher ranking on SERP or else it will only generate a high bounce rate.

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