Conversion Rate Optimization- Increase Your Conversion Rate With These #FREE Tips

conversion rate optimization

[Conversion Rate Optimization]

Currently, are you in any situation mentioned below?

Investing a lot in the Digital Marketing campaigns but not happy with the ROI?

Planning to launch the PPC or paid marketing campaign but not sure how to make it fruitful?

I am not sure what is Conversion Rate Optimization.

Not sure how to lower down the cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA)?

Here is the solution for all your dilemmas about the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). I will try to cover all the major areas which can help to improve your campaign’s return on investment.

The digital marketing is becoming a challenging day by day for non-digital marketers, as we are competing with all those online websites which have similar content so this is very important to make each and every area of our internet marketing, perfect. No matter we are doing SEO or PPC, if our Ad snippets or content is not good we cannot expect visitors to click on our ads/website or if the Ad copy is nice but the landing page/website is lacking in terms of pushing visitors to make an action. Because of all these, Conversion Rate Optimization required.

Improving CRO is not elusive that people think. If we follow the right strategy since the beginning, then it’s easy to get CPA at low costing and grow your business through Digital Marketing.

I am dividing the Conversion Rate Optimization strategy into two areas: –  Ads Copies and Landing Page/Website.

Tips for Ad Copies to increase the Conversion Rate

Show the importance of your product/services

This is the very first thing to be determined before creating the ad copies. You know your audience better than anyone else, try to present the content accordingly. Showcase the value and benefits of your product/services so that they click on your ads and make the next action on your webpage.

Be short and sweet

Since all the Digital Marketing platforms have their own character limits but a few Social Media like Facebook, Instagram etc. provides more characters to use but try to avoid long details. Cover the information in short or bullet points so that user can understand it quickly and make an action.

With the short information ads copies, you can emphasize on the Call-to-action like “Visit to learn more” or “Request for more information” etc.

Use unique headlines

All the digital marketing platforms showcase the headline of the ad in bold and big font than the description because visitors pay extra attention to the headline and then in the description.

Think this way, when you search anything on the Google and see many ads but if someone has mentioned “25% Discount” or “One Month Free Trial” etc. then it gets the attention and user click on those ads.

Use Videos

Social Media and other Display Network platforms allow use the Video ads, Video ads catch the attention easily perhaps it should be creative and for the targeted audience.

Video not only bring the good conversions but also helps in audience engagement.

Visit to see some other case studies on the successful Video based campaigns.

Be clear and let the customer know what they will receive

Hope you agree with me that every person has different nature or way of understanding. But at the end, everyone wants a clear cut information and do not want to be cheated or disappointed.
The best practice is to convey clearly to the customers what they will get from your products/services. This way they not only will buy or make an action on your ads but also will appreciate your work with others.

Clear and high-resolution images

Brand credibility is must to attract online visitors. The quality images help you catch the audience attention and trust. If you are selling the products, then you should use the HD images so that people can clearly see the product before they make a purchase.

Tips for Landing Page to increase the Conversion Rate

You have a great ads content but the landing page is not user-friendly or lacking the crucial areas then your online marketing investment can be a waste. To get the better results, it’s very important to have a perfect landing page and which meets all the best practices and guidelines.

Loading speed

Put yourself in the customer shoes and think, if you are searching a service provider or want to buy something online but the website/landing page is taking so much time to load so what will be your action? Off course you will close the window and look for another website.

We are humans and can’t wait 😛 so make sure you have the right and faster web hosting like Siteground provides.

If your website is in WordPress, then you can go with their WordPress Hosting which is not only affordable but also gives you so many nice features to make your life easy.

Conversion tracking codes

You are investing money in your online marketing but you never know which location, keyword, device, ads copy and many other factors, are bringing conversions then how will you optimize your campaigns.

It’s always good to set up the conversion code on your website/landing page before launching the campaign. Click here to know how to generate and set up the Google Conversion code.

If the majority of campaigns are Facebook then I strongly recommend using the Facebook Split Testing feature.

SSL Certificate and Guarantee Security Seal

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is good to have on the website, search engines also like such websites having SSL certificate. According to Oriental Furniture case study, the conversion increased by 7.6% because of the Security Seal.

If you don’t have SSL and wish to have then you can consider Siteground.

Surprize with Gift Coupons

Who doesn’t like Discount 😛? I guess everybody wants it. You are buying something on an E-commerce website and on the checkout page you see you got the discount, how that sounds? This definitely will encourage the buyer to complete the payment process.

Offering gift coupons during the checkout will help to retain users, as many buyers do not complete the payment process and same can be checked in the abandoned shopping cart report. There are many reasons why people do not complete the payment process.

Customer support

Sometimes many website visitors have queries before making an action and if they don’t find the quick assistance or info then they might not make any action (eg. Online payment, inquiry etc) on your website.

After sales support is also very important, it’s easy to bring a new customer but retaining them for a long time is a challenge so the Live Chat support can help you retain the customers for a long time and help to maintain the good conversion rate.

If you want to have a free live chat on the website, then you can choose

Use videos

Videos represent the brand credibility and known as one of the top advertisement types for branding and awareness which automatically help in higher Conversion Rate too.

If you are selling the products online then Video ads can help you increase your conversion drastically but make sure the video should be creative, short and informative. Click here to see some of the successful Video case studies.

Guest Checkout and Multiple Payment gateways

The Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the main concern for the E-commerce website owners and they have to make their website in such way that user buy their items and visit again for the purchasing.

We have to understand that all users do not wish to spend so much time while buying anything online. Having a quick checkout or single page checkout can help to retain such buyers and expect a purchase from them.

While the buyer is using the Guest checkout then the website can save their data so that when they come back then their details are auto-filled and help them to finish their checkout quickly. This Quick Checkout case study can help you why you should have the guest checkout.

Apart from the quick checkout process, another thing is payment options, nowadays people have many credit cards and some people use debit cards so you need to make sure that you have at least 5-6 payment options for them because many credit card companies offer the cashback or reward points which buyers like.

Be trustworthy

If I ask you, will you visit or inquiry/buy anything on a website that you don’t trust or have no confidence in the after-sales services. What’s your answer, I guess everybody knows the answer?

Here are some tips to show your website visitors that they can trust you: –

a. Add “Our Team” and share everyone’s expertise.
b. Provide the easy to contact option, like Live Chat/Support/Toll-free number.
c. Make sure website have no bugs and errors.
d. Maintain the content update on a regular basis.
e. Use the Video Testimonials.

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Reviews & Testimonials

When others give the positive feedback on your website then it helps a lot in terms of winning other visitors confidence.

To get the maximum benefits from Reviews & Testimonials, add them to your main landing page and services/product pages.

Quick inquiry form

Have you integrated the Google Analytic code on your website/landing page? If yes, you can see the bounce rate and no conversion etc. Majority of online visitors do not scroll till the bottom of the webpage so if you don’t have the inquiry form at the top or within the first view of the landing page then you may lose the inquiries.

Also if you run the PPC or other paid advertisement campaigns then it is very important to have the inquiry form at the top and try to have the fewer fields in the inquiry form.

For the Conversion Rate Optimization, apply this short inquiry form strategy and compare the results.

A/B testing

All the platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others strongly recommend doing the A/B testing to get the maximum benefits from the paid promotion as well as for a better Conversion Rate Optimization.

Create the different ad copies to plan the Conversion Rate Optimization.
It can be applied to Ad copies, target audience, placements and many other options that are available on the paid platforms.

Social media followers

If you have a company page and good followers then show them on your landing page/website, if don’t have then can start acting on it because in the Digital Marketing world numbers matters and huge followers help to increase the brand credibility as well.


For the Conversion Rate Optimization, it requires small efforts and we have to optimize from the ad copies to the landing page. There are many other factors like web hosting which should be considered while planning or launching any online marketing campaign.


I am an entrepreneur since 2009 in the IT & Digital Marketing industry. I am a Certified Google Expert with robust knowledge of SEO, IT Sales, PPC Management, Yahoo AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and other digital platforms.