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Succeed Your Campaigns By Choosing The Right Adwords Banner Sizes

If you are a Digital Marketing company or a normal business and planning to do the online advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc. then you need a perfect understanding on the paid ads banner sizes which is the key to success on the paid campaigns. In this article I am covering the […]

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Google Adwords/PPC

Simple & Improved Google Ad Rotation Update For A Better Campaign Performance

  Since the New Google Adwords Interface is already launched with many new and enhanced features and this new update by in September 2017 on the Google Adwords Ad Rotation is a big relief for the advertisers because it is simpler than the previous setting.  Now, it revolves around the two settings only: – “rotate […]

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Google Adwords/PPC

Best & type of Bid Strategies in Adword campaign

While setting up the campaign, the best Google adwords bid strategy is one of the very important and crucial areas. Choosing the wrong strategy may finish your budget with no results. Type of Bid Strategies are:- A- Target search page location When your aim is to show your ad on the first result page of […]

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