Success Your AdWords Campaigns With [Google Optimize]

Google Optimize

What is [Google Optimize]?

To run the experiment and to understand each group of users tastes, get your AdWords account linked to “Google Optimize”. It helps you understand every user’s behaviour and allows you to run the website experiments.

In short, tailor your site to optimize each and every user experience (Source: Google).

Test your various website pages and analyze their performance against your campaign objective that you have specified. It monitors the outcome of your set experiment and let you know which option is the winner.

Let’s understand this with an example, if you have set up a campaign to get the subscription on the Digital Marketing Tool-free demo then you can experiment with the CTA (call to action), Image, ads button colour and more.

Benefits of Google Optimize

Google Optimize is all about Experimenting with your campaign.

It allows you test the new landing page designs, it’s layouts and content with the group of visitors.

Instead of considering the opinion to finalize the leader page or website design, simply run the experiment that test with the real-users and deliver results that are easy to understand for the AdWords players.

Google Optimize best thing is that it uses the Analytics to measure the set experiment and leverage the goals as per the experiment objectives.

You can target the specific audience group that you have defined in the Audiences in the Google Analytics.

Who should use Google Optimize?

This feature is all about Testing, and anyone can use it who develop the designs and create content. Digital Marketers can do the experiment on their various landing pages to increase the Leads/Conversions.

Publishers can test the various website/landing page layouts to check how different layout affect the stickiness.

SMM experts can use it to experiment with different sharing strategies and web designers can use new landing page designs.

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Experiment types in Google Optimize

There are several types of experiment available and which are really very useful for any AdWords experts.

1-    A/B testing

Hope everybody knows about it :0.

This is a random checking and experiment on the two different type of landing page versions. Variant A can be the original one and in the option B we can play with the CTA (call to action) or it can be totally different than the original copy.

2-    Testing on Redirects

In that, we do the testing on the different web page or landing page. In the Redirect Testing, the versions are recognized by the URL instead of some part of the landing page.

This is really very good to test when you have completely 2 different layouts and content on your landing pages.

3-    Multivariate Tests (MVT)

To be honest this was also new for me :D.

In that, we can test the two or more than two elements together to check which option generates the better outcome.

Instead of the landing page A/B testing, MVT helps us know the effectiveness of the variant’s each element but also analyse the interactions between them.

Steps to Integrate AdWords account with Google Optimize

 Step 1- Link your AdWords account with the Google Analytics.

Step 2- Enable the Google Optimize by following this:

Log in to your AdWords account –> Click the top right corner Tool icon –>Under the “Setup” option click on the Linked Account –>

After clicking on the Linked Account –> you will see the Google Analytic Box, click on the Details link –>

The next page will have the Google Optimize Sharing box, refer the below screenshot and activate the button.

Note, just make sure your AdWords account is connected with the Google Analytics.

Hope you find this post helpful and resourceful :).


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