Succeed Your Campaigns By Choosing The Right Adwords Banner Sizes

AdwWrds Banner Sizes

Adwords Banner Sizes

If you are a Digital Marketing company or a normal business and planning to do the online advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts, Yahoo, LinkedIn etc. then you need a perfect understanding on the paid ads banner sizes which is the key to success on the paid campaigns.

In this article I am covering the specific & recommended ads banner sizes only for Facebook, Google Display Network, LinkedIn, and Yahoo banner sizes also sharing other important information which will aid to have a better understanding to set up the profitable campaign to meet your objective.

#Facebook Adverts Banner Sizes

The Facebook provides various type of campaigns and marketing objectives and to deliver the best outcome to the advertisers it offers different banner sizes as per your goals.

1- Carousel

If you wish to show many products/services in one ad then Carousel is the right choice. It allows using up to 10 videos or images. Also, you can set the different landing page for each video or image. People prefer to use this ad type to share the story of their brand as well.

Facebook Advert Carousel Banner


Recommended image size: 1080 × 1080 pixels
Recommended image ratio: 1:1
To maximise ad delivery, use an image that contains little or no overlaid text.

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2- Single Image

Want more traffic to your website or landing page? If yes, use the Facebook Single Banner ad type. In this, you can use the high quality visual and enforce users to click your ads to visit your targeted webpage.

Facebook Single Banner Ads

Recommended image size:
1,200 x 628 pixels
Image ratio: 1.91:1

Facebook recommend to use less text on the banners for the better ads delivery and results. Visit to learn more.

#Google (Display Network) Adwords Banner Sizes

Are you planning to run the new ad campaign or Re-marketing under the Google Display Network? You must know the available ad types and recommended sizes to produce the better results.

The best part of these AdWords banner sizes is that you have the option to make your ads more attractive & catchy and get attention across the 2 million website/apps. For an example, you can use the animated banners, can target various type of devices without worrying about the screen size as Google has Responsive Banner Size option and much more.

Below are the banner sizes, available formats and much more: –

1- Normal Display Ads banners.

Google Display Adwords Banner Sizes

Recommended Banner Ad sizes

Square and rectangle
250 × 250 Square (Recommended)
300 × 250 Inline rectangle (Recommended)
336 × 280 Large rectangle (Recommended)

728 × 90 Leaderboard (Recommended)
970 × 90 Large leaderboard
970 × 250 Billboard (Recommended)

120 × 600 Skyscraper (Recommended)
300 × 600 Half-page (Recommended)


320 × 100 Large mobile banner (Recommended)

2- Responsive Ads

Google has designed this AdWords Banner Sizes ad to fit in all type of resolutions & devices, Google automatically crop the ads and fit into any device, it allows adding the Text with your Display Network ads which help to get more impressions and attention from the targeted audience which is not available in other platforms.

Google Display Responsive Banner Ad Size

Landscape (1.91:1): 1200×628 (min required: 600×314)
Square: 1200×1200 (min required: 300×300)

Landscape (4:1): 1200×300 (min required: 512×128)
Square: 1200×1200 (min required: 128×128)
Note: Adding only a landscape logo can limit your reach and isn’t recommended.

Visit to know more on the Google Responsive Ads.

#LinkedIn Campaign Banner Sizes

LinkedIn advertisement bidding is a little high than other platforms but it allows targeting the unique & specific audience that is why the Conversion percentage is also very good if the campaign is set up in the right way.

1- LinkedIn Sponsored ads

LinkedIn sponsored ads are recommended if the objective is to reach the audience on Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile. This is one of the best ways to get the high engagement.

LinkedIn Sponsored ads

Thumbnail image size: 1.91:1 ratio (1200x627px).
Image must be more than 400px in width.

Note: If your image width is below 400px it will not display in the larger image format. Instead, images will appear as a thumbnail on the left side of the post.

Other areas to consider: –

Images on mobile will not be cropped. Images of other ratios will show in full with subtle white padding.
Manual image upload max weight: 5MB
Recommended PPI (pixels per inch) is 72.
Manual image upload supported types: JPG, GIF, PNG
Animated GIFs are not accepted.

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2- LinkedIn In-mail ads

In-mail ads are recommended to increase the registrations on the events, seminars, bringing conversions and much more.

LinkedIn In-mail Ad Type

300×250 Banner Ad
File Type: .jpg, .gif (non animated), or .png (no flash)
Maximum file size: 40kb

#Yahoo Banner Ads Sizes

Want to grab the visitor’s attention or Re-marketing or generate leads? Yahoo Gemini is the right platform to use for the advertisement as it covers Yahoo, third party website and mobile apps to showcase the ads.

Large rectangle image
Minimum size: 1200x627px
Aspect ratio: 1.9:1
Square image
Suggested size: 627x627px
Aspect ratio: 1:1

Thumbnail image
Minimum size: 180x180px
Aspect ratio: 1:1

You can comment below if you wish to know about the other AdWords Banner Sizes or more information to run the profitable campaign for your own company or your clients.


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