Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions Update for 2018

Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions Update for 2018


Find the below information for all the Dimensions and Sizes you should know before starting the banner/image for your Social Media campaigns and its success!



Cover photo: 851×310 px
Profile photo: 180×180 px min size

Fan Page

Cover Photo:  820×312 px
Profile photo: 180×180 px min size

Facebook Group

820×428 px

Facebook Event

Cover photo: 500×262 px

Facebook Posts

Share Image: 1200×630 px (on Timeline 487×255 px)
Share link: 1200×630 px (on Timeline 487×255 px)
Highlighted Posts: 1200×1800 px (maximum height), on timeline 487×730 px

Quick Tips: –

  • A creative image is not enough, plan on the creative ad copy content also.
  • To increase the conversion rate, do not forget to add the Call-to-action to your ad copy.
  • Make sure the Paid Facebook Ads banner should have 20% text ratio only.


Cover photo image size: 1500×500 px
Profile photo: 200×200 px
Share image: 1024×512 px (on Timeline 440×220 px)
Share link: 520×254 px (on Timeline also same 520×254 px)

Quick tips: –

  • Use Call-to-action like “Learn more” “ Enquire now” “Download” etc.
  • Use #Hashtags.
  • Try to cover the main info within 100 words.
  • Using Twitter cards, images and videos can help to get more audience reach.


Profile: 150×150 px minimum size.
Share square photo: 1080×1080 px (on Timeline 293×293 px)
Share vertical photo: 1080×1350 px (on Timeline 293×293 px)
Share horizontal photo: 1080×566 px (on Timeline 293×293 px)

Quick Tips: –

We should use the different type of ads/banners for paid and non-paid posts.

Paid Posts: –

  • Add Call-to-action
  • Straightforward, clear and easy to understand words in the ads.
  • Use colourful and standout images.

Organic Posts: –

  • Add #Hashtags which should be related to the targeted audience. Maximum 30 #Hashtags can be used.
  • Active and post regularly.
  • Tag related people and brands if can.


Cover photo: 968×545 px
Profile photo: 250×250 px
Share image: 502×282 px, on Timeline also same
Share link: 502×250 px, on timeline also same
Highlighted: 502×892 px (maximum height), on timeline also same

Quick Tips: –

  • Use the attractive headline.
  • Use such photos which people would like to share.
  • Use Google+ #Hashtags



Cover photo: 1584×396 px (Visual area 1350×220 px)
Profile photo: 400×400 px minimum size

LinkedIn Page

Cover photo: 1584×396 px (Visual area 1350×220 px)
Profile: 130×130 px minimum size

LinkedIn Posts

Share image: 520×320 px
Share link: 520×272 px

Quick Tips: –

  • Use high quality pictures.
  • Post various type of content.
  • Choose the right/optimal time of the day for posting.


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