Simple & Improved Google Ad Rotation Update For A Better Campaign Performance


Since the New Google Adwords Interface is already launched with many new and enhanced features and this new update by in September 2017 on the Google Adwords Ad Rotation is a big relief for the advertisers because it is simpler than the previous setting.  Now, it revolves around the two settings only: – “rotate indefinitely” and “optimize”.

The Google Adwords Experts uses the different options for their campaign’s better performance, many of them prefer “Rotate” strategy and others go for “Optimize” option.

Optimize and prefer the best performing ads for your campaign under Google Adwords Ad Rotation

Under the Google Ad Rotation option, you can select the “Optimize” option and system will find the best ad than others within the ad group. As per the current setting, the system will optimize the ads using location, device, keywords, and their search term.

If we are using the Optimized ad rotation option with the more than 2 ad copies then it can increase both impressions and clicks. If the system has more ad copies then system have more chances to optimize our campaign performance.

Choosing the Ad Rotation is one of the crucial factors to achieve success from the campaign. Google has made advertisers life easier by offering the PPC Smart Bidding option. The system helps to increase the number of conversions/leads by choosing the right ad copy and keywords within our ad groups.

Simple and easy even rotation option

People who only want conversions they prefer the above “Optimize” option but many advertisers still prefer to have the “Rotate indefinitely” option because they want to promote the low performing ads too with the other high performing ads. In short, this option gives the equal importance to the targeted keywords within the same ad group.

To have more control, we can manage this setting on the Ad Group level as well which means we can apply the multiple ad rotation settings in a single specific campaign.

Google Adword’s Ad Rotation restrictions

Before this update, we were able to choose the desired Adword’s Ad Rotation option while setting up a new campaign but now the system doesn’t allow. For an example, if you choose the Maximize Conversion as your campaign Bid Strategy then you cannot select “Optimize for conversion” option. System shows that “Not supported”.

Apply the A/B testing to check which Ad Rotation option works well for you.


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