How to generate and setup Google Conversion Code?

It’s obvious everybody wants to generate more leads or enquiries while spending money on the Google Adword campaigns. While you are getting more and more clicks & impressions on your ads, by Google conversion code integration you can optimise your campaigns for a better results & ROI also.

You can easily track that which Keyword, ads etc lead to the Purchases, Form Submissions, Phone Calls or App Downloads etc.

Here are the steps including Generating Conversion Code and Integrating into your website by using Cpanel: –

Step- 1

Login into your Adword account and go to Tools–>Conversions

Step- 2

Step- 3

Google offers various type of conversion tracking and you can select according to your campaign objective.

A- Chose the below screenshot option if you want to:-

  1. Track the total purchases/sales through your Google Adwords campaign.
  2. Track how many leads/enquiries you received from your landing page and wish to optimise the campaigns accordingly.

B- If you are promoting Mobile Application then select the another option shown as App in the above screen shot

C- Select the Third option Phone calls if you want customers to call you after seeing your Google ads.

The majority of advertisers use the first option “Website” so we will guide you on the same. If you wish to know the setup steps for “App” or “Phone calls” then simply email @ m[at] or comment below.

Step- 4

Follow the form and enter your details. Here you can set the value for each conversion also, let’s say each sale worth is $10 then use the option of Value as shown below in the screenshot.

After filling the above form, click on Save and continue.

Step- 5

Here you will see the conversion code as shown below, copy it. We need to paste this code on the Thank You page of your landing page between <body></body> tags.

After copying the code, save this with you on a notepad or in any document then click Done button at the bottom.

Now login into your Cpanel where you have hosted the landing page or the website which you want to use in your Adwords campaign.

The very first thing you need to determine is on your landing page after filling the Enquiry form by the customer/visitor it should take them to the separate THANK YOU page and URL as we need to paste the above-copied conversion code on that specific thank you page only.

Also, make sure that conversion code should not be integrated into any other page except the THANK YOU page.

Step- 1

After login into your cpanel, find the File Manager option as shown below, the look & feel or style can be different of your Cpanel according to your hosting provider.


Click on the Public_html as shown in below screen shot.

After clicking on the Public_html the next page will show you all the other domains that you have hosted or if you are hosting a single website then look for the THANK YOU page file. Refer the below screen shot.

Note: There are two ways to find your Thank You page file.

First, go to your landing page and fill the enquiry form and submit see the URL of the thank you page, eg. If the URL is then look for the file name called thank-you.html under the public_html folder.

Second, ask your landing page or website developer about the Thank you page file name 🙂

Step- 3

After you click on the Edit option as mentioned in the above point’s screenshot, the Thank you page file will be opened where you can see the source code, refer the below screen shot.

Find the </body> tag and the conversion code that you had copied just paste above the </body> tag or between <body> </body> and press SAVE CHANGES.

After you are done, you can go to your website thank you page and press Ctrl+U or directly open View Page Source by using the right mouse key on the Thank You page, you will find your conversion code there.

In order to verify that the Google Conversion code is working and installed properly, you can install the Tag Assistant (by Google) extension in Google chrome.

After the installation, go to your Thank You page again and click on the Tag Assistance (by Google) extension, this will open a popup showing the conversion code status. See below screen shot.


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