Pay Per Click

What is PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising?

This is a short form of Pay Per Click advertising, we can call that CPC (cost per click) also. We can use this word with any of the advertising models where we need to pay for each click on our ads to get traffic on our website.

Other advertisements and promotions like SEO, Email marketing etc are the time taken process to get new customers or leads where PPC is the quickest option to generate inquiries from your website.

–    You can target your desired locations to advertise your products or services.
–    You can set the bids that how much you want to pay for every click by the customers on your ads.
–    You can manage the desired keywords or search terms on which you want users to see your ads
–    You can set your daily budget and specific hours of the day for your advertisement campaigns.

You simply can control the PPC campaign every single penny advertisement.


This is always a hot topic for discussion cause for any organisation both are very important. Here I am sharing some key information on both and I feel after this you easily can plan or decide that should you chose PPC or SEO or both.

Let’s start with PPC

Branding & awareness: – doing pay per click advertising with the right agency help you reaching the right and the desired audience.

Spending & Budget control: – you can set the daily budget and can plan how you want to invest and how much you want to pay on the cost per acquisition or cost per click on your ads.

Reach to the audience quickly: – while SEO or other organic advertisement takes the time to reach the audience, PPC can be set up in a day or in a few hours. Also, PPC is the right choice to achieve results or leads in the last minute of your event or product launch etc.

Top position of your ads on the search results: – I hope we cannot deny the importance of the top position of ads or company information on the search engine results, having a top 4 position helps get more visibility and user’s interest to visit your landing page or website which can result in a new customer for you.

Detailed information about your company/organisation: – With a cost per click advertisement you can make better ad copies and can show more information than the organic results information. Below is an example…

Sample of the better PPC ad copy

E-commerce product ads: – if you are running an online shopping cart website then you can advertise your products with the targeted keyword searches which help users seeing your products with the image and pricing without visiting your website etc. Such ads help generate quick sales.

E-commerce Product Listing Ad samples

Test your ads using A/B testing: – as CPC campaigns can be launched quickly in a day, for a better ROI you can split your ad copies, landing pages, call to action etc. and optimise accordingly. This surely will reduce your Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Conversions.

Impact of search engine algorithm changes or updates: – Your ad campaign does not suffer because of any search engine algorithm updates, normally Adwords changes are: – new features for the advertisers to improve their ads and results where changes in search engine algorithm can ruin your first page ranking and have to re-work to achieve the ranking back which is a very time taken job sometime.

Low cost per lead and acquisition: – if you are managing your campaign nicely & smartly then you can generate the leads at a very low cost and have a better ROI.

SEO, a solution for long term results

Organic web traffic: – doing SEO of your website you can target different countries visitors which helps to spread awareness of your brand, product, and services.

Reliability & trust: – having a top page ranking of your website at the search engine’s organic results can influence visitors and aid increasing credibility & trust of your brand.

Pay Per Click: – traffic on the website through SEO is free, we no need to pay for any clicks or impressions but SEO process is a little time taken process where monthly or weekly investment (payments) to the agency or the company who is doing your website’s SEO is required.

Long lasting results: – if your website is ranking on the first page of search engines then normally it does not lose the ranking quickly and it sustains for a long time which results continues traffic and leads through your website. Also, leads through the non-paid traffic are quality leads.

Branding & awareness: – While doing the SEO we do the backlink submissions on Directories, Blogs, Forums, Classified sites and many other platforms which results in the visibility of your website on the search engines as doing back-linking is one of the major activity of the search engine optimisation.

Cross cutting & sustainability: – in PPC advertisement our ads do not appear as we stop paying but in the SEO in-case we want to cross cutting or stop paying for a while our ranking does not affect much.

Better CTR (click through rate): – getting traffic from the top ranked organic ad on SERP (search engine result page) bring better CTR than the highly ranked PPC paid ad.

Traffic from non-targeted keywords: – While doing SEO we get so many clicks & traffic from those keywords which we are not targeting, where in PPC you pay for the desired and targeted keywords only.

Points to consider before starting PPC or SEO project

Hope the above information will help you chose the PPC or SEO for your next advertisement or promotion project. Would you like to learn more? Simply comment below or email at m[at]