LinkedIn New Advertising Overview 2019

Are you aware of the new advertising experience with LinkedIn?

Yes, we have the object-based marketing options available now!

Soon LinkedIn will update it in the Ads Manager section cause currently, it is in Beta phase but we still can set up the campaigns on this Beta version and at any time can switch back to the old interface.

This new LinkedIn Ads Manager is planned to:

  1. Easy to set up the campaign as per the desired marketing objective, i.e. before choosing the audience can select what we want to achieve like Leads/Brand Awareness etc
  2. Show our ads to the audience who are most likely to make an action that we want
  3. Set up the Automated Bidding for some key objects
  4. Custom reporting according to your selected marketing objectiv
LinkedIn Marketing Objectives

In the above screenshot, the red highlighted are still in process and soon will be available for us to use as our marketing objective.

Currently, when we login to the LinkedIn ads manager then it takes us to this new Dashboard which is still Beta and upon clicking on the CREATE CAMPAIGN we can select the marketing objectives.

Website Visits: This option can be used to bring the traffic to the website or a specific landing page and can be considered for the SALE/GIVEAWAY/NEWSLETTER SIGN UP etc stuff.

Engagement: Use this option to increase your LinkedIn business page followers and posts engagement.

Video Views: Reach more audience using the Video ads.

Lead Generation: To generate leads, this option is recommended, this marketing objective allows using the LinkedIn Lead Form too.

Below are the LinkedIn Ads Manager available ad formats according to the above marketing objectives:

Every marketing objective has different ad types and each works different and help us meet our campaign objective.

Website Visits

LinkedIn Ad Types


Video Views

Lead Generation

These below marketing objectives are not live, see below and find what is available if we select them as our online promotion option in the LinkedIn:

Brand Awareness: It will allow us to choose the “Website Visits” and “Automated Bidding” for maximizing the impressions.

Website Conversion: It also will help to get the “Website Visits” and will have the maximize conversions option.

Job Applicants: This will have the Job Ad format and option for “Website Visits”.

Apart from the above updates there is one more important thing to determine, Similar to Facebook LinkedIn also have the option of “Audience Network”, hope you know this J

And yes, LinkedIn also does not allow this “Audience Network” feature to all the marketing objectives. For an example, this is only available for “Engagement” marketing objective in the current Beta phase.

LinkedIn has understood I feel that to retain the Advertisers it has to fulfil or meet the similar features which Facebook and Google are providing.

If you are familiar with the Google Ads and Facebook Ads manager, then you can easily understand that all the new LinkedIn features are available on both platforms also.

To make the new experience better, LinkedIn has started showing the Forecast results while you are setting up the campaign, on the right side itself it will show how many audiences you can reach and what impressions you can get etc. see below an example:

LinkedIn Forecast Results

At any time if you are not sure how to set up the campaign in the new LinkedIn Ads Manager simply switch back to the old version. This you can find at the top right corner:

LinkedIn- Option to Switch Back to Old Ads Manager

I am personally waiting for the “Brand Conversion” and “Website Conversion” marketing objective activation 🙂

LinkedIn leads are always better in quality than any other platform but yes we have to pay more than any other platform though.

The avg. CPC I feel is $2 for Text Ads and $4-$5 for the Sponsored ads but yes, it all varies and depends upon your target audience selection and marketing objectives.


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