LinkedIn Advertising in 2019

There is no doubt that LinkedIn Advertising in 2019 will be one of the demanded platforms of 2019 for online advertisement due to its growing reach statistics and many new updates like new marketing objectives, new ads types etc.

There are many other giant platforms when we talk about the online advertisement and each platform has a different kind of audience segments.

When we talk about LinkedIn it is the best platform for B2B marketers and many niche industries who want to make a mark and to be recognized on the business front on the platform in 2019.

Hope you agree that the LinkedIn is the biggest platform to reach market professionals.

LinkedIn advertising offers you a very wide network and audience reach which can make you connect with the targeted users through LinkedIn available advertising options.

Apart from the LinkedIn advertisement, we can connect with the other professionals and the higher the connections are the higher the networking capability of your profile will be.

LinkedIn Advertising in 2019 can benefit –

A. B2B LinkedIn Advertising in 2019

B. Individual or Personal Branding and Advertising

In this article, I am talking about B2B advertising on LinkedIn and how different advertising options present on LinkedIn.

Also, how LinkedIn will help an advertiser for personal or individual branding.

This platform can be considered for the entrepreneurship as well because the facts and numbers say that the entrepreneur community is increasing day by day on LinkedIn.

And, here we have a wide range of advertisement with various ad formats. Students and professionals both can be found here which allows connecting with the people from different industries and background.

Yes, LinkedIn is not limited to any specific industry, country and filed.

Globally, LinkedIn is growing at a faster pace which proves that in coming future LinkedIn will increase its popularity exponentially.

Which shows the growing interest of people and the quality content which keeps them engaging and stick them on the platform for a longer time.

As we can see that people with high-end profile also use LinkedIn and they spend a lot of time on this platform we can create LinkedIn advertisement strategy keeping these statistics in mind.

LinkedIn Advertising in 2019 for B2B and Individual or Personal Branding and Advertising on LinkedIn

Before making any strategy for advertising you need to find out for whom you are creating that campaign and what impact and goal your brand is going to make in the market.

LinkedIn Advertising, points to determine: –

The goal of LinkedIn Ad –

  • Registration for a Webinar,
  • Login on your website for e-books
  • Lead Generation on Landing Page/Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Tickets
  • Exhibition Shows/Trade Shows
  • Workshop Entry etc…

 Types of LinkedIn Ads –

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Visual Ads for visual impact
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Carousel Ads

LinkedIn is working on the new experience of Marketing Objectives in which we can select the desired marketing objectives then accordingly LinkedIn will show us what kind of ads we can prepare.

For an example, if we select the Lead Generation marketing objectives then we can create the Sponsored Ads.

Click here to see the latest/upcoming LinkedIn Marketing Objectives and changes in 2019.

Once the marketing objective is selected then further we can select our audience target and after a few days, we can major the performance of the campaigns/ads/audience segment.

Now, a question will arise in your mind that from where you will start your ad campaign so the clear answer is Campaign manager. Click here to go to the LinkedIn Ads Manager.

The new LinkedIn advertising is designed to make advertisers task easy and less time to consume as everything is just a click away in campaign manager.

Every time you choose to go for LinkedIn ads you need to have a clear idea of your marketing objective because accordingly, you have to prepare the ads.

Sponsored Content Ads

Here I am sharing the insights on the first format of LinkedIn ads that is Sponsored content.

This type of ads are full of quality content and this ad targets the devices like laptop, mobile, desktop, and tablets which means we reach the broader audience.

LinkedIn Sponsored Ads are good for Branding purpose. It goes straight in your audiences news feed of LinkedIn account with a Sponsored Ads.

Sponsored InMail Ads

Another ad format is Sponsored InMail ad which can target your audience on a more personal level as InMail ads will directly go to their Messaging section.

This InMail ad type gives a high engagement rate as these ads will have a more personal reach and will stay for a long time whether the campaign has ended.

Use this Advertisement to invite for a workshop/course/event etc. It really works!

LinkedIn Text Ads

This ad format is for those who wanted to set up the quick campaign to generate more web traffic and awareness, as this ad type can be deployed quickly as compared to other ad types.

People on the LinkedIn network are searching for high-quality content and are always seeking for enhancing their knowledge on LinkedIn and in this case, if they watch your ad then this will give a highly-targeted audience base that can become your lead/follower.

LinkedIn Text Ads goes to our profile Homepage, user’s profile page, Group pages, Messaging page, My network page, Who has viewed profile page, and on Search result page which means our ads reach to broader audience.

Also, this is one of the low cost-per-action ad types among all other LinkedIn advertisements.

Visual Ads for visual impact

As we all know how popular video ads are and video ads make a high level of interactions with the audience as by watching a video on a service/product can create more impact on the minds of professional.

Now, we can also observe and calculate the performance of video ads as well with the new LinkedIn dashboard.

In short, with the LinkedIn video ads, we can build and create brand awareness with professionals, also, can acquire new customers and generate more leads/enquireis.

Dynamic Ads

Some marketing strategies in B2B require a personalized touch as each client require customization as per their business requirement.

This format of the LinkedIn advertisement is the best format for those marketers or organizations who want to start a campaign depending on their clients’ profile and interests.

The best part of this ad type is we can capture the users attention with personalized ads featuring each professional’s own LinkedIn profile data, like photo, company name, job title, and more.

Since this is a dynamic ad so campaign set up is also faster than the manual set up.

LinkedIn Dynamic ads are good if you are planning to do the brand awareness, web traffic and convert the prospects campaign.

So, start making a Dynamic Ad campaign on LinkedIn and begin the new bond with your audience.

Carousel Ads

Last year, LinkedIn has introduced Carousel Ads and this option has added a wide LinkedIn ad format range from which you can choose the best fit.

If you like to share your story or your brand story then LinkedIn’s Carousel ads is the answer for your search as Carousel ads can make them think and decide to take part or to do the task on which you are emphasizing in the ad.


I am an entrepreneur since 2009 in the IT & Digital Marketing industry. I am a Certified Google Expert with robust knowledge of SEO, IT Sales, PPC Management, Yahoo AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and other digital platforms.