Do not neglect this information while selecting the Keyword match types for your campaign.

Selecting the right keyword match types in your campaign is the key to acquiring more and more leads/enquiries while spending your own or customer’s hard earned money. The very first thing I would like to share that use the keyword types according to your campaign objective and duration also how much time you can invest to optimise the campaigns on a daily or weekly basis.

If you cannot spend much time on the campaign optimisation while your daily budget is high using the Broad keywords then it is advisable to use Exact or Phrase keywords, below we have the examples of keywords types also you can see on what keyword types your ad may appear and get clicked etc.

Let’s say your targeted keyword is Digital marketing strategies now see the below table for more information.

Type of keywords in PPC

Broad: this keyword don’t have any symbol.
Exact: this symbol [ ] will be shown, your keyword will be between [your keyword].
Phrase: the symbol for this match type is “ ”. Your keyword will be between your keyword.
Modifier: need to add plus icon + before the all words in your targeted keyword.

Broad, Exact, Phrase and Modifier Keyword Samples

Here is an idea on how bidding works with the keyword match types that you are using or selecting.

Adwords Keyword Bidding Idea

Broad keyword bid is always less.
Modifier bid is little higher than Broad
Phrase keyword is higher than above Broad and Modifier keyword type.
Exact keyword type is the costly match type than the all above ones.

Note: your bid amount varies according to your Quality Score as well. Above is an estimation only when we talk about Keyword match type bidding behavior.

While you are using Broad, Modifier and Phrase match type keywords then don’t forget to manage your Negative keywords.

Negative keywords are those keywords in which you don’t want to show your ads or don’t want to waste your money.

You can set the Negative keywords on the Campaign Level as well as on the Ad Group level.

Steps to manage Negative Keywords

Here are the steps to check and find the Negative keywords: –

Step 1
Go to your Campaign level or click on Campaign.
Step 2
Click on Keyword button/tab
Step 3
Click on Search Term button

Here you can see all the keywords on which your ad was shown and clicked. Select the keywords that you don’t want to show your ads on and add them to the Negative keyword list.

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