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LinkedIn Profile Tips

Improve LinkedIn Profile

Can I ask, why you want to improve your LinkedIn Profile? I guess everyone knows the answer,? I am sharing how to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile and succeed in your career in this article, hope you find it fruitful!

At this point of time, everybody is so busy and due to that they don’t have time to update their LinkedIn profile or we can say don’t have time to maintain the LinkedIn profile perfectly because it takes time to work on it, yes that is true!

But, if your profile is up to date and you are regularly active on the LinkedIn then you get extra privilege than others while employers are searching a candidate for their organization. LinkedIn had revealed the most promising jobs in 2018 and if you come within that list then you should consider improving your LinkedIn profile seriously and open the door to achieve success.

Personal Branding

You might be thinking you have to hire a Digital/Internet/Social Media Marketing expert for the personal branding. No, you no need to do so. You can do your own personal branding on the LinkedIn. Hope you agree on the importance of it and how it can impact on your career.

In this article, we will discuss it and hope this will help you.

Profile Headline

When a recruiter is searching for the candidates then what is the first thing which attracts them and they wish to see? I guess you agree with my point and that is the Profile Headline.

Make sure your profile is easily recognizable by the HR. There could be many similar names like yours only the profile headline can differentiate you from others and can help you win the recruiter’s attention.

The profile headline works as your Digital Salutation so make it catchy and meaningful for the recruiters. As per LinkedIn, there are 546 million users and if your profile is not unique so it is a little tough to get extra attention. To increase the profile visibility, having the catchy headline is the very first step.

LinkedIn headline allows 120 characters around with space, compile your expertise & specialty and make it attractive. Spare some time for your profile and update it regularly as you never know when your dream company HR is searching a candidate.

Profile Summary

Once the profile headline is done then we can start working on the LinkedIn Profile Summary. As this is the second thing that HR/Recruiter prefer to see. With the unique summary, you can let your profile visitor know about you.

In your profile summary, you can mention about your career goal which every HR would like to know while interviewing you. Adding a clear career goal can help you get the strong impression on your profile visitors.

Mention your skills and aspirations to impress your profile reader, also you can highlight your interest in your career growth. Be conversational which enforce the reader to read your profile summary.

Use the bullet points or short paragraph to showcase your expertise. Avoid using the long paragraphs.

Experience & Executions

You must have worked on the company projects or any event etc, proudly share them on your LinkedIn profile and create a platform for the profile visitor. If you are new and looking for a job then add your college projects and activities that you had initiated or participated.

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Skills & Endorsement

Everyone has added their skills, as this helps recruiters to find you also. Ask your friends and colleagues to endorse your so that your profile looks stronger to the readers.?

Relevant & Meaningful Connections

Once your profile is up & ready then you can start connecting with the people on the LinkedIn. You are automatically creating your personal branding by doing the networking on the LinkedIn.

Get connected with your school/college friends, office colleagues, your profile related industry gurus and other professionals. Even request your own contacts to introduce you to their contacts.

If you want to connect with a person whom you don’t know then do not forget to write a small and nice note to them that why you want to connect, it gives a positive impression and person will be interested to accept the connection.


As per LinkedIn, there are 3 million published posts, posted by 1 million people only. Using the LinkedIn Publication option increase your profile views quickly. Create quality content with the quality pictures and do not forget to add the Call-to-action, once it’s done then share your article on other social network websites. This will let people know about you and help you increase Likes and trust factor.

Apart from the Publications, under the Accomplishment section, we have Certifications, Patent, Courses, Project, Awards, Test Scores, Languages, and Organization. If possible try to add as much as information.

To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile, Accomplishments is one of the important features to use, it not only make your profile stronger but also increases your profile views.

LinkedIn Groups

Above we learned on how to make the profile more stronger, apart from that there are other areas too which should be considered to be up to date with the market trends. By joining the relevant groups helps you get industry info and updates.

Best way to get a fruitful outcome from the Groups is to join your College Alumni network so that you will know what others are doing and what career opportunities are there.

Custom URL

Linkedin also has an option to customize your profile URL. Just think which one is good and attractive “linkedin[dot]com/manojnegi1984” or “linkedin[dot]com/manoj8799398di”. I like this “linkedin[dot]com/manojnegi1984”.

Follow the above screenshot to know where you can edit your profile URL. Custom URL can help you Improve Your LinkedIn Profile and easy finding on the SERP (search engine results page).

You can use your own name for the custom URL and if that is not available then you can add your profile/skill in the URL. As per LinkedIn, custom URL must contain 5-30 letters or numbers only and do not allow use the spaces, symbols, or special characters.

I wish above suggestions will help you create the incremental and standout LinkedIn profile. ?


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