How to Success Facebook Marketing in 2019?

On the Facebook front, 2019 will be a demanding year. Being consistent with the quality, high selling number for products and services, useful content will be considered most important and will be the game changer to success the Facebook Marketing in 2019. Read this article to know more!

Facebook Insights will play a vital role in generating revenue from new sellable marketing ideas and as we all know about Facebook organic reach decrease and just posting on Facebook will also not work anymore.

So, for being in the talk and for being in every visitor’s/audience eye on the platform will become a little trickier but with Facebook ads reach this issue will no longer bother you in generating desired ROI and whatever business you are opting in for.

On the design front introducing colors and proper images, infographics can give you more engagement on your Facebook page. These days marketing on Facebook is a cycle of certain tasks, all of these tasks need to be considered in a proper cyclic manner.

Despite lower numbers in the Facebook audience after the release of the news from Facebook in the year 2018 about the organic reach decrease still, the platform holds a large audience base which can still be helping for small, medium and big businesses in the market. So, don’t underestimate the reach of Facebook on domestic and international levels.

From my experience, I found these tips to share with you for a better result in your Facebook marketing in 2019 –

• Increase the right audience Fan following by running the page like campaign
• Create the Lookalike audience
• Be responsible to your audience and engage as fast as possible
• Generating a Sellable/Convincing Idea
• Preparing content for the Final idea
• Molding it into an Engagement & Friendly Facebook post with perfect call-to-Action Button
• Share it at the right time to grab the most out of it
• Segmentation is the Key in 2019 with a Combination of Hyper-Personalization

Facebook Page Fans

Since, Facebook is not encouraging the organic reach, having the targetd audience your business page fans will be a plus to get more outcome from your regular and well engaging posts.

Lookalike & Re-marketing Audience

If your business is niche and it is hard to find the targeted INTERST/DEMOGRAPHIC audience then go for the Lookalike audience option and let Facebook find the right users for you.

For niche business, remarketing is also a good notion to get better conversions.

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Customer Enagement

Make sure you are responding on time and keeping your audience happy is the key to success your Facebook Marketing in 2019. If your customers are happy, encourage them to share the Posts/Page/Review as Google also emphasizing on referrals and good reviews by the audience to rank any website on SERP so audience engagement is going to be a plus.

Generating a Sellable Idea

This idea should relate to the business directly mainly this suggestion fits the B2B marketing strategy for B2C an in-direct selling plan will also work without any hassle and it should be within the reach of each visitor, prospect, and customer. The main selling point of the idea on Facebook should revolve around the worth and benefit of the audience.

Preparing Content for the Final Idea

Content is king s it has shown numbers to each company whether it is a start-up or a big firm. Quality and potential content rules and have the perspective to show you the desired numbers which you have set for your marketing goals. Making a content worthy for the audience can lead them to convert from a visitor to a regular customer. Basically, content can clear the way towards the goal with a proper explanation towards call-to-action.

Molding it into an Engagement & Friendly Facebook post with perfect call-to-Action Button

When the content speaks for call-to-action make sure the copy of content should be engaging and thought worthy. When the post solves the problem of the audience in a simple and friendly way the engagement increases more which results in more sharing and more connections which leads to the ultimate destination of your marketing plan.

Share it at the right time to grab the most out of it

More connectivity of your post and exponential success of this strategy is only possible when you grab the opportunities you receive by just posting the content at the right time.

To be present at the right tie and at the right place is the best a business can have on offline platform similarly, when we consider online platform and especially Facebook there is specific time when your audience is present on the platform and this condition will be same for B2B business as well as b2C business as both need to understand the best timing to be available for the audience and customer.

Marketing strategy does not demand you to be there all the time as the audience increases and decreases depending on the particular business audience segments. So, be attentive what you are posting and at what time.

Segmentation is the Key in 2019 with a Combination of Hyper-Personalization

Control to whom you are showing the post/ads as not every post is useful for the audience of your page as Segmentation is the key to resolve this issue. Nowadays, hyper-personalization techniques are creating great help for marketers so make your strategy keeping the budget in mind for the campaign as paid marketing on Facebook is also a factor behind the Success of Facebook Marketing plan.

Things which can lead you to do a Successful Facebook Marketing in 2019

First Week of every month will give a basic idea of what will happen for the next 15 days

As we know digital marketing world changes every day so as the strategies of the market, according to the new techniques and audience demands. And, this insight changes as per the response of the audience of your business page.

In 2019 you cannot sit even for a single day so keep reading the Facebook update on a daily or weekly basis. Introduce something new for your audience which should revolve around your business but worthy will always work in favour of your business market need.

Organic Reach is not in the Picture Anymore

Take help of highly optimized and user-friendly Facebook ad campaign set-up as Facebook ads can help you do micro-targeting. Learn to make most out of micro-targeting to get the best out of Facebook advertising methods.

Make your audience share and refer you to their groups and community

This power of networking can increase the connections and reach as a broader reach can take you to the desired audience. Groups and communities participate more on the platform which can elevate the interest within that community in this way you can get another audience segment to reach to.

Enhance the community reach by Genuine Referrals

Referral programs work very well for many businesses on various online platforms. Many times, when a regular customer receives some reward from referrals they advocate for free for your business and this can create referral community for your business.

Split Testing

Recently Facebook updated the audience selection feature and because of this, we have to try and find the more audience. If you are launching a new campaign, its worth to play with the split testing between INTEREST and DEMOGRAPHIC audience

Lead Generation Form

In my personal experience the Facebook Audience Network sites does not generate quality leads than the Facebook platform itself. Even if you don’t have a landing page, this Facebook Lead Generation marketing objective is the best way to generate leads/enquiries. Surely can give a try.


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