Google Keyword Planner Tool Update 2018

Google Keyword Tool Update

Google Keyword Tool Update 2018


Today 9th March 2018, finally I can see the new Google Keyword Planner Tool update. It is so catchy and impressive in the first look and allows in-depth data and forecasting which help us to plan the campaign strategy.

Google Keyword Tool Old and New View

The new Google Keyword Planner Tool update design is matching with the new Dashboard and it’s more streamlined than the previous tool. The old tool had many options which may confuse to the newbies but the new Google Keyword Planner Tool has only 2 options “Find new keywords” and “Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords” and much easier to use.

Below we will learn what is new and how it can help us set up a successful campaign. Let’s learn step by step: –

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We still have some features from the old version in this new update such as it shows us the avg. monthly search volume but the new thing is mobile search volume within the chart.

Google Keyword Tool Mobile Searches

We can use the filter option to get the desired stats.

In the new Google Keyword Planner Tool update, we have some interesting features also, such as “Organic Avg. Position” and “Organic Imp. Share”, this can be found under the “Modify Column”. But, this 2 features can be checked if the website ranks with the specified keywords and enough data are available. Furthermore, the Webmaster Tool (Search Console) need to be merged with the Google AdWords Account also the Columns needs to be added to the keyword idea report.


You will love the new update on the Forecasting section J

In the old Google Keyword Planner Tool, we had to add the bid to get the forecasting and then we can adjust the results from the chart.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Forecasting Bid

Include maximum CPC on the keywords and see the estimated performance in the new Google Keyword Tool’s Forecasting section.

On the left side we have an option “Plan Overview” which gives us location and other metrics info, also this can be used in the PPC (Pay Per Click) Quotation to your customer if you are a Digital Marketing agency.

The old keyword planner tool user might need some time to be familiar with the new tool but trust me it’s amazing.

If you are new to Google AdWords keywords Tool then simply visit and create your account. Please note, you might need to add your credit card to go to the Keyword Tool, previously it was accessible without adding the credit card.


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