Google Adwords latest update on daily budget flexibility

Google Adwords Daily Budget Flexibility Update

As per the latest update on daily budget flexibility, from 4 Oct 2017 now we can enjoy spending up to two times the average per day budget to help achieve our objective of the campaign, such as conversions and clicks.

We all know that our daily traffic or number of searches varies on Google. Some days we have fewer searches or clicks and someday we have more searches and clicks. The days when our ads do not appear because of a poor number of searches then Adwords machine will help us showing our ads when there is a good volume of traffic.

How it works, the Overdelivery and our daily budget

As mentioned above, some days we have a higher spending or lower spending than our set daily budget. For more than one-month billing cycle now we no need to worry about the extra charges due to the extra spending some days etc we will not be charged than our daily budget. Here below is the proper explanation on it: –

According to the Google, the daily budget is multiplied by the average number 30.4 (365 days/12 months = 30.417). So system knows that what our daily budget is over the course of the month.

Let’s understand the daily budget flexibility in a more easy way with an example.

We set the daily budget $10 and our billing cycle is one month or 30 days. While the campaign is running we can see that someday our spending is $5 or some days its $15 means more than our daily budget or less than our daily budget.

Now, The best thing about this new update is that whatever daily budget we have set that will be multiplied by 30.4 and our spending will not exceed  which means according to $10 daily budget our fixed 30 days spending will be $10×30.4 = $304.

I feel the Adwords agencies will be happy after this update cause they can set the fixed budget and no need to monitor the spending every day 🙂

Here are the steps to check Overdelivery information in Google Adwords account: –

Step 1- login to your Google Adwords account and follow the below screenshots, that you can see at top right corner in the New Adwords view. If you are still using the old view, upgrade to the NEW VIEW.

Step 2-

Step 3- After clicking on the Overdelivery option the system will show the served cost for your campaigns or accounts.

You will have the filter option too to check the Overdelivery date range wise as well.

You can download the available data from the top right corner download button as shown in the below screenshot and calculate the total Billed cost from the Served cost.

Thanks to Google for this new update to make sure that we are not spending extra than our planned and set monthly budget.


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