Is it good or bad to Buy Backlinks?

Buy Backlinks

Buy Backlinks

As we all know the Link Building is the main key to achieve the first page ranking on SERP (search engine results page) and we don’t see any other options or new update from Search Engines which can replace it in the near future. Is it good or bad to buy Backlinks?

In this article, we will learn what is Backlink, Type of Backlinks, what to consider before doing Backlinks and buying Backlinks are good or bad and much other important information.

What is Backlink?

Before we learn more about the Backlinks the very first thing we should know and accept that the quality and genuine Backlink is the key to success on the internet. Also, without right back-linking, it is next to impossible to get the top ranking on the Google for the targeted keywords.

Let’s understand the backlinks meaning with an example. When website “A” adds the hyperlink on its own website for the website “B” then it’s called the backlink for website “B”. In another way, “A” is sending traffic to “B”.

Since the Google Penguin Algorithm is rolled out, the Backlinks are becoming a challenge for most of the SEO Professionals who are not sure how to find the right website to do backlinks because previously the links could be exchanged from any website whether it’s a non-relevant or low-quality website and it was easy to get the 1st page ranking.

Type of Backlinks

No-follow links: It does not give any SEO benefit to the website who took the No-follow backlink.

Normally, such links help to get traffic to the website but do not help achieve the SEO ranking. For an example, we post a comment on any popular Blog and give our link, this can give us the traffic from that blog website but will not give the link juice to rank our own website on the SERP.

If your aim is to increase the traffic on your website, then No-follow linking can be considered.

Do-follow links: The whole SEO top ranking game revolves around the Do-follow backlinks mainly. Getting the right and appropriate Do-follow link helps you bring your website on top results on SERP. The websites who offer the guest blog/article posting offers the Do-follow links.

Look for this info before you do the Backlinks for your website: –

Do-follow or No-follow– only the Do-follow links helps you achieve the ranking so you make sure the backlink is done accordingly.

Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA) DA and PA are developed by MOZ which helps to know that how well the domain and its page’s rank on the SERP.

DA is measured by three main factors: – Domain Popularity, it’s Age, and Size.

PA is measured by individual website page’s performance on the Search Engines ranking page.

DA & PA ranking is measured from 100 points. Getting Backlink on high DA/PA is more powerful. Example- website ‘A’ DA is 20 and PA are 30 the other website ‘B’ DA is 50 and PA is 65 then try to get the backlink on the website ‘B’.

Citation/Trust Flow– Citation flow is based on the number of links from other websites or how powerful a URL could be according to the site links to it.

Trust flow is like how other trustworthy sites have links to it.

Buy Backlinks is good?

To be honest, it’s not good, click here to read what Google says. As we can see that Google does not like those websites which manipulate the ranking etc.

But, if we buy the Backlinks smartly and from a reliable Backlink provider like LinksManagement and Backlinks Agency website then we no need to worry on Google penalty because they do the paid backlinks in a way which looks genuine and natural to the Search Engines, their proven record reveal their expertise on this domain clearly.

Do not buy backlinks from any vendor like who is offering bulk Backlinks at cheap cost or not ready to share the backlink URLs etc because it can penalize your website.

LinksManagement and Backlinks show you all the Backlinks they have done also give you the option to choose and you can track them easily. They assign a dedicated customer support/SEO expert who guides you through the whole process.

Just avoid buying: –

–    Automated backlinks

–    Backlinks on Menu or side-bars

–    Non-indexed domains Backlinks

Why you should buy Backlinks

Time: – it saves a lot of time cause you no need to spend the time to search the related website for your website backlinks, the agency will do this for you.

Faster approval: – normally unpaid Backlinks take time for approval but paid links are quick.

Quick results: – we focus on the high DA and PA sites when we do the paid backlinks which bring the quick results and ranking for the website on the SERP.

Transparency: – the reliable Paid Backlink provider give you the detailed report that how many links are placed successfully and you pay for the Do-follow links only. By chance, if your link is removed then the agency will find another backlink for you. In short, you pay for the genuine services.

SEO assistance: – many Backlink providers not only do the link submissions but also assist you through the whole SEO of your website and analyze your website Webmaster Tool/Search Console and plan the strategy accordingly which ensure the guaranteed results for you. LinksManagement is one of them.

Buy and Sell text links

Some guidelines if you want to buy Backlinks: –

  • Do not buy or do backlinks in bulk.
  • Do not buy from those websites who are opening selling backlinks or promoting on their website.
  • Buy links from the relevant category sites only.
  • Buy the links in the main content, try to avoid buying on the side-bar or footer etc.
  • Try to buy the link on the specific/individual page.
  • Buy the Backlinks from the trustworthy websites likes LinksManagement and Backlinks.

Finally, you can buy the backlinks and this is not a rocket science, you only need to make sure that the links are bought smartly and from the genuine agency. You can check the agency past records and case studies before you place your order.

Just try to get the backlink on the high DA and PA sites and if possible pick the relevant website to your industry/website.

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