How to generate better ROI with Facebook Split Testing

What is Facebook Split Testing?

The very first thing is you can consider Facebook split testing as A/B testing also. If you are concerned on any of the below points then you must try Split Testing for sure: –

  1. You are spending a good budget but don’t know how to reduce down the Cost-per-lead.
  2. You are using Interest Target, Demographic etc but don’t know which one is working best for you.
  3. You are not sure what audience to target for a better ROI.
  4. You are not sure out of Delivery, Audience and Placement option which one should select to achieve the campaign objective.
  5. You don’t know how to generate more revenue with the less investment.

Facebook split testing is one of the best features of the Facebook Adverts Manager, with this option you can see the difference between the two types of audience, placement or delivery option.

Another best thing of this feature is that Facebook run this test for 3 to 14 days but it can be ended before your set duration if there is a winning advert set out of your split test ad groups. Below is the sample view that how it looks when you select the duration etc.

Facebook Split Test Budget
Split test budget & schedule

The split testing helps to check your two campaigns performance after seeing the results you easily can setup a perfect campaign and generate a better ROI.

Here are the options that you can test under the Split Testing.

1- Delivery- under this option you can test the: –

Advert set delivery optimisation

A- Advert delivery by Conversions, Link clicks, Impressions and Daily unique reach.

B- Conversion window, that means you can set the number of days for the Facebook machine to optimise your campaign advert delivery.

C- Bid amount, you can test whether Automatic bid or Manual bid work for you.

2- Audience- If you are using the Facebook Split Testing first time then you can try this option. Since, all the features are important but in this, you can set your target Audience interest wise, age-wise, gender-wise, demographic wise etc.

Advert set audience management

3- Placement- Facebook is a giant platform to advertise on so this is very important to see which Placement works for you. You can run your advertisements on: –

Facebook Advert Set Placement
  • Facebook’s news feeds, instant articles, desktop right column etc.
  • Instagram’s feed and stories.
  • Audience network, these are the Facebook partner sites. They offer the ads on native banner ads, in-stream videos, rewarded videos etc.

Apart from that, you can test the performance device wise also.

Please note, the placement varies according to the Facebook campaign type that you have selected. For an example, the right columns ads are eligible for Facebook Conversion campaign but not eligible for Facebook Lead Generation campaign.

Below are the things you need to remember while setup of the Facebook Split Testing campaign:-

Ad Preview: – We cannot see the ads previews platform wise when we run the Split Test campaign.

Ad copy restrictions: – We cannot add more than one ad copy, in the non-split test campaign you can upload many ad copies and may see which one is performing well but cannot upload more than one ad copy.

Editing the Advert set: – After you setup and run the split test campaign you cannot edit the individual advert set. You only can edit Budget and Schedule of the whole split test campaign. You have to cancel the split test campaign if you wish to edit the other variables like Placements, Target interest etc.

Today on 14 Sep 2017, I realised that Facebook has added a nice icon for Split Test campaigns 🙂

Facebook Split Test icons

Here are some recommended guidelines and things to determine: –

  1. Try to test the campaign with a broader audience, longer schedules with the as much as higher budget if possible.
  2. Do not select so many variables else this would not give you the stats or results that you wish to test or check.
  3. Do not forget to add the Facebook Pixel code on your landing page or website that you are using for the Conversion campaign split testing and make sure to create the Custom Conversion.
  4. Split testing only allows adding one ad copy, once the campaign is ended or you have a winning advert set and want to add more ad copies then you have to create a new Campaign/Advert set.

At last, the best part of Facebook Split Testing is that Facebook also helps you show the winning advert before it ends as per your set duration.

Winning split test advert set

Should you want more information or any assistance on your Facebook Split Testing campaigns, simply email at m[at] or comment below.


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