Facebook Lead Generation- The Best & Quick Way To Generate Leads/Enquiries

Since we all know Facebook offers various types of advertisement to achieve different 2 goals. The Facebook Lead Generation is one of them and highly popular to get users enquiry without taking them to any landing page or website.

Facebook advertisement types

Facebook Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Rather sending visitors to a landing page, as they click on the Lead Generation ads an enquiry form comes up where the user’s Name, Email etc are auto filled. All these forms can be downloaded in a CSV or Excel format. I have explained below in this article that how to download these leads. Here is the Pop-up enquiry form sample idea: –

Lead Generation Form Sample

How to setup the Lead Generation Campaign and its Enquiry form?

Campaign setup process: –

Step 1- Login to your FB business account https://business.facebook.com

Go to Advert Manager as shown in below screenshot.

Facebook Advert Manager

Step 2- click on + Create Campaign button

Create Facebook Lead Gen Campaign

Step 3- Select the Lead Generation option from the options showing then give a name to your campaign.

After you select the Lead Generation you can see an option of Create Split Test.

Lead Generation Split Test Option

You can use this Split Test feature if you are not sure which target audience or delivery type or placement will bring more leads or ROI for you. It will give you three options to select for a Test: –

Delivery optimisation (with this option you can see whether Automatic bid works well for you or the Manual bid)

Audience (with this option you can play with Age groups, Genders, Demographic, Interest etc)

Placement (with this option you can analyse which device eg. Mobile or Desktop and what platform eg. Facebook, Instagram, Audience third party network works well for you)

Step 4- Here you add the budget, campaign scheduling etc.

Step 5- After the 4th step you create your Ad copy. You can create Carousel, Single image ad, Single Video ad or Slide show ad.

Type of ads in Lead Generation Campaign

If you have not created your LEAD FORM from your business page then you can create it here on  Step 5 (Advert creation page) also, at the bottom you will see the option of Lead form as shown in below screenshot and follow the steps (see the instructions on how to create the form).

Lead Form Creation

There are 2 ways to create the Lead Forms: –

Option 1

Step 1- go to your Facebook Business Page and click on the Publishing Tool at the top bar.

Step 2- on left side of the screen, click on Lead Adverts Forms

Step 3- click on the + Create button

Step 4- after clicking on +Create button simply follow the form options

Facebook Lead Form

A- Welcome screen (optional): In your FB ad you can add a button like Apply Now, Sign Up, Learn More etc after clicking on this button a popup will open, before showing the enquiry form if you want to show some welcome content then you can add the information under this Welcome screen option. If you directly want users to fill the enquiry form then you can skip this option.

Lead Form Welcome Screen
I recommend skipping this option to generate better ROI from this FB Lead Generation campaign.

B- Questions: – Facebook provides so many options to collect from users, you can see in the below screenshot.

Apart from Name, Email, Phone, Country, DOB etc you can add 3 custom Questions also in your enquiry form. See the highlighted area in the screenshot.

Lead Form Question Creation

C- Privacy policy: – add your data privacy policy here.

D- Thank you screen: – after the user has filled the enquiry form if you want to show a thank you message then use this option.

Option 2

While the setup of the Lead Gen campaign at the Advert creation page/step at the bottom you will have the option to create the Lead Form, read the step 5 under the Campaign setup process.

How to download the leads generated through Lead Generation campaign?

Option 1-

You can download these leads from your www.business.facebook.com advert manager.

Step 1-You must have given a name to your campaign, just click on the same campaign name under the Advert Manager area.

Step 2- Click on the campaign name, this will take you to the Advert Sets.

Step 3- now you will see your ads/adverts copies. Refer the below screenshot. Click on the Leads (forms) as highlighted below and download the leads.

How To Download Lead Form

Option 2-

You can download the leads from your FB Business Page also.

Refer the step 3 under the title: There are 2 ways to create the Lead Forms.

You can see the Download link in the below screenshot, just click on it and download.

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