Do’s and Don’ts for Meta Title and Meta Description 2018

Meta Title and Meta Description Tips

It is very difficult to achieve 1st-page ranking on the search engines without having the right Meta Title of the web page or we can say having the right Meta Title is the key to get top ranking on the desired keyword on SERP, hope you agree on it.

Meta Description also plays a crucial role to obtain the top ranking and high web traffic and less bounce rate, perhaps it is not mandatory that Google picks the same Meta Description that we have added.

We will learn on Meta Title and Meta Description in this article with the best practices to follow to acquire the desired results and things to avoid while creation of Metadata.

What is Meta Title

The Meta Title is basically used to give a quick description of your individual web page content in addition to that it helps your web pages to rank well on the SERP.

The Meta Title can be easily found in the Browser’s tab. Just put your mouse on the tab and a tool-tip will appear as shown in the below screenshot.

Moreover, it is also considered as the title of the Bookmark if you are willing to save it in your browser.

In the HTML coding of your website, the meta title is specified at the top of the page.

In all the circumstances The meta title is considered as a part of the title tag and is often denoted as a <title> example of the meta title</title>.

However, there should be a clear distance between meta title as well as the headline for the page. Both of them are identical and are created in the body of the HTML coding which often appears as the section of webpage text.

Nevertheless adding attractive and impressive meta title will help in increasing the ranking of your website so this is very important to plan the right Titles for your each website page.

What is Meta Description

The Meta Description is the HTML part of the webpage which helps in providing the summary of the specific page and you can go to the desired page’s View Page Source to find the specific page’s Meta Description. Below I have mentioned how to find the Meta Title and Meta Description in the View Page Source.

The right and meaningful Meta Description is the key to enforce visitors to click on your website that is appearing in the snippet on the SERP. We cannot deny that people don’t click on that website which is irrelevant to their search query.

It plays a very important role to get more traffic and to meet the objective of the website SEO or promotion.

Normally, Google does not pick the exact Meta Description that we have written for the specific page but there are chances if its written as per the Meta Title and the users search query.

As per the Yoast WordPress plugin, it can be up to 320 characters. Earlier it was 160. But, now Google sometime shows the Date in the Snippet so it can vary.

To get the most out of Meta Description, it’s best to keep the important content within 130 characters.

Rest, you can read more on Meta Description length by Yoast.

How to check your competitors Meta Title and Meta Descriptions

It is very important to know what should be our website’s Metadata and what are the Meta Title and Meta Description of our competitor’s website.

There are many ways to check: –

A. Go to Google and add the domain in the search box then refer the below screenshot.

B. Metadata can be checked by visiting the View Page Source of the individual page too, follow the below steps:

Step 1- Open the website.

Step 2- On the desired page:

click the right mouse key then View Page Source as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 3- On the View Page Source -> use Ctrl+F key and type “Title” or “Description” etc then the page will show you the metadata, refer the below screenshot.

C. You can use online tools also to check the Metadata of your own website and your competitor’s website.

You can check on too.

D. To check the Meta Title only, after you open the website in the browser then look for browser tab and put your cursor there to see the Meta Title. Refer the below screenshot for a better understanding.

E. If you are browsing the social network site and you see that someone has shared a website or blog page then title can be seen in the post too.

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Tips to consider while writing Meta Titles

Here are some of the tips that will help you to make extraordinary titles.

  • Use your brand name in the title, it can be either at the start or in the end.
  • Add your targeted keyword in the Title, avoid using more than one time.
  • Do not repeat the Titles in other pages, keep unique Meta Title for each page.
  • If possible add the power words in the Title, eg. Bets, Top, Awesome, Affordable etc.
  • Titles should be users query focused and should enforce users to click on your SERP snippet.
  • Keep the character limits between 50-60 including space.
  • H1 tag should be different than the Titles.
  • Write for your website visitors, think what they would like to see as a first thing in your Title.
  • Follow this pattern to get the maximum output: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
What to avoid while writing Meta Titles

There are few things that you should completely avoid while considering and writing the meta title.

If you can avoid them then that would be beneficial for you to create an excellent meta title.

You should clearly distinguish between the page headlines and the meta title of the individual pages as they are completely different from each other and acts differently as per the Search Engine algorithms.

Avoid adding so many different keywords in one single Meta Title as this may create the negative impact on your meta title’s performance.

If you mix up all the keywords together then it looks clumsy and even the readers may not get the right impression.

Writing a different Meta Title than the users search query is also not good notion and does not bring web traffic, just think this way when you set up and create the Google AdWords Search Network ads then to maintain the ads quality score you create the targeted keywords specific ads to get good CTR and leads/sales so to get the good volume of web traffic its important to make the Meta Title as per the web users queries.

Google AdWords Ads Example
Tips to consider while writing Meta Description

 Let’s understand this topic by using a “Digital Marketing” specific website or blog in mind. Here are some best practices that can be followed while working on the website’s Meta Descriptions.

  • While writing meta description always makes use of the action-oriented languages only. This can be a very big positive aspect of your description so you can follow it.
  • In the description, you have to make it specific by giving solution or benefit for the readers. However, this is the biggest.
  • Always try to make it specific and relate the meta description to the actual content. Otherwise, there will not be any coordination between the content that you have provided and the meta description.
  • Cover the important and catchy information within 150 characters including spaces.
  • Do not forget to add the call to action, eg. Request a Free quote, Call now, Enquire now, Request for Free Digital Marketing e-book etc.
  • Add the targeted keyword in the Meta Description.
  • Do not use the similar description on other website’s pages.
  • Use the power words to grab the attention, eg. Free Digital Marketing Tips, Top 10 reasons to hire Digital Marketing Expert.
  • Make it welcoming and to the point for visitors.
  • Mention your Brands, Achievements or years of experience if can.
  • Offer solution, discounts or benefits if can.
  • Use symbols or numbers but genuinely and do not stuff.
What to avoid while writing Meta Descriptions

 There are many people who are good in writing and can create a catchy and professional Meta Description but that is not enough to meet the objective from the Meta Description cause we have to follow the Search Engines parameters also to get maximum output.

Here are some of the areas that we should avoid while working on it:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Not to copy the content from the web page to Meta Description.
  • Missing Meta Description, this is one of the common mistakes among many website owners. They forget to add it.
  • Not including the targeted keyword.
  • So many capital words.
  • Writing unimpressive description which does not enforce visitors to click on the snippet.
  • Missing Call to action for visitors.


Hope this articles provided the useful information and will help you plan the quality and impressive metadata for your website or your customer’s website.

Again, be reminded without having the right and catchy Meta Title and Meta Description it’s tough to acquire the first page ranking on search engine results page.

If you still have any query or doubt then do not hesitate just comment below and will try to get back asap 🙂


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