Control Brand Safety and Facebook Placements & Marketing Channels 2019

Facebook Brand Safety and Marketing Objective Management

In the past few years, Facebook has done many changes and has introduced more options to reach a broader audience to meet our marketing objective on their platform.

Their introduction to the Ad Placements, Instant Articles, and In-stream video are really helpful to achieve the Brand Awareness, Website Traffic and other marketing objectives.

These ads placements are connected to the specific content, now, Facebook has introduced more and better control over our ad’s delivery.

The new Facebook controls include the “Block Lists” where we can remove the desired/specific publishers and mobile apps ads delivery, also, we have the ability to “Exclude the Sensitive brand content categories from the Facebook In-stream videos, Instant Articles and Audience Network placements.

Apart from the above updates and benefits, now, Facebook has come up with more control over our ads delivery and now we can control the Facebook In-stream videos, Instant Articles, and Audience Network options.

Facebook Publisher Site Lists

Facebook started sharing the complete list of Publishers who are earning from their websites and mobile apps through the Facebook Audience Network platforms. Now, we can remove and determine where we don’t want our ads to be delivered or appeared.

Facebook has extended the transparency level which includes the “Instant Articles and Facebook In-stream videos”.

Finally, we all can see the list where our ads were delivered after we activated the Facebook Marketing Campaign. More information on the publisher sites can be found here:

Publisher Reporting in Facebook

Now, we are able to view the full list of the publisher sites and mobile apps where our ads were delivered by downloading the Facebook In-steam, Instant Articles, and Audience Network Delivery Reports.

This report helps a lot to see where our ads were delivered across the Facebook contextual placements then can decide whether these placements are good for our brand concern and expectations.

After seeing the list and concerning the brand safety we can block those specific categories.

Glad to see that Facebook is concerned for our brand safety and hoping to have more control over our every single penny spending and investment on Facebook Marketing in 2019.


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