Better ROI by Extending Ads in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Did you know the Facebook Marketplace has millions of interactions between sellers & buyers each day?

Marketplace is one of the top platforms of Facebook and advertising on that platform is one of the recommended options to generate more sales and ROI.

Reach shoppers in Facebook Marketplace

Now, we have the option to extend our FB ads from Newsfeed to the Marketplace to meet our marketing objective on the Facebook platform. This Marketplace has huge active users every day who visit to do shopping.

The Facebook Marketplace audience will see our ads with their relevant products and services and they also will have the option to make an action like “Click to Website” etc.

Automatic Facebook placements with easy Ads Scale

Hope everybody knows that we can scale our ads across all Facebook options like Apps and Services.

We have the option to activate the automatic placements while setting up of the Facebook marketing campaign but this is available to selected marketing objectives only. For an example, placements are not available for the Facebook Lead Generation objective.

Our ads will appear on all the Facebook Newsfeed, Marketplace, IG, Messenger and the Audience Network (Facebook Partner sites) once we enable the Automatic Placement option.

Better efficiency and outcome on Facebook Marketplace

When we do the advertising on the all Facebook options like Mobile Apps and Services, we can reach our desired audience wherever they are, Facebook gives us more efficiency to reach our goals from the Facebook Marketing.

As per Facebook IQ study, they found that the users who got impressions on Facebook, IG and Audience Network had a higher conversion rate than the single placement audience.

If you are planning the Facebook Marketing in 2019 then use the Marketplace at the campaign set up a level and for sure reach more audience to get a higher conversion rate. Click here to read the tips for higher conversions.

Through the Facebook Marketplace we not only reach more audience but also this is one of the best ways to do the branding and awareness.


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