Adwords new INTERFACE launched by Google with more features.

New interface of Google Adwords

If you have not seen or started using the new Google Adwords Interface then you might face some difficulties to manage your campaigns initially as the new interface look & feel and navigations are changed and have better look & feel now.

You can switch your old interface to the new interface by clicking on the shown blue tab at the bottom right corner.

Compare to the old interface the new one provide the in-depth data and analytics which helps to optimise our campaign quickly.

The new Google Adwords Interface overview section is awesome and provides detailed insights.

1- New searched words & search terms-

Since you already have added your targeted keywords in the ad group and can see the Search Terms keywords under the “KEYWORDS”

section but here in the Overview area you can have a quick view to see what new words are searched by people and can add those words to your targeted keywords list.

2- Biggest changes- You can see the changes by Conversion, Clicks, Impressions, and views. You can compare the stats between two date ranges which surely helps to analyse the campaign performance.

3- Now Target Household Income audience: – Under Google Display Network’s Demographic section, Previously we had Gender, Age, and Parental Status target options only, now we have Household Income option as well which is really a good option for various industries to target the specific income holder audience.

4- Ads & extensions: – the previous name was “Ad extensions” and now it’s changed to “Ads & extensions”. Also, the new feature called “Promotion” extension is added. You can improve your ad copies by adding the sales/promotions/special offers which surely will increase your ROI.

5- Easy navigation: – with the new interface, you can manage the main features from the left panel.

Ad groups
Ads & extensions
Landing pages
Ad schedule
Advanced bid adj.
Change history
Drafts & experiments

6- Advanced dashboard and Overview analysis: – Now you can see the most shown ads, Day & Hour, Devices, Top Keywords and much more reports at one place which saves a lot of time to analyze and plan the further strategies to optimise the campaigns for a better return on investment.


7- Landing pages performance: – as we all know the importance of the landing page, if the landing page is not designed in a proper way then our ads quality rate, conversions, and many other factors affect which results in the poor outcome from the campaign.

In the new Google Adwords Interface, we can compare the landing page’s performances as well as can see the mobile-friendliness percentage.

How to switch back to old Google Adwords Interface?

In-case you want to switch back to the old interface, simply follow the below screenshot. The icon you can see at the top right corner of your new Google Adwords Interface.


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