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Welcome to my ManojNegi.in blog ?!

I Started my IT & Digital Marketing career in 2009 from a well-known organization based in New Delhi, India and dealt with many international clients and projects also I won many top sales manager of the month as well as employee of the year awards and realized that Digital Marketing is fun, every day we learn something new, which encouraged me to become a Digital Marketing Expert and currently, I am working in one of the big organization in Singapore.

My years of experience in the IT/Digital Marketing domain has given me the understanding that how to make strategies from Online Advertisement to Sales conversion and after that how to maintain the customer retention and produce more revenue from the existing customers/data.

I believe without continues learning and be up-to-date with the latest trends and upgrades by the digital marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others it’s really very tough to be a Digital Marketing Expert.

Digital Marketing industry has totally changed as it was in 2009, for an example previously we could do the reciprocal Backlinks to achieve the 1st-page ranking on SERP but now without a Digital Marketing Expert help it’s next to impossible because Google has done a lot of changes in its algorithms and only a specialist is aware and up to date with the latest trends and algorithm changes.

My areas of expertise: –

Google AdWords
Facebook Marketing & Adverts Management
LinkedIn Marketing
Lead Generation
Conversion Rate Optimization
Yahoo Gemini Advertisement
Twitter Advertising & Marketing
IT Sales
Link Building
Email Marketing

Project Coordination and Management

Miscellaneous Knowledge & Tools I use: –

WordPress Installation & Management
Basic HTML
Online Tracking codes Generation & installation
Raven Tools
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Atom Park (Email extractor & verifier)
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Quora Ads & Marketing Management


How I Can Help You in Digital Marketing and its #FREE ?

No matter you are a Digital Marketing agency or a business owner, I feel both needs Digital Marketing Expert within or outside their organization to achieve the objective and grow sales from their online marketing investment.

Since 2009 I am involved in IT sales & Digital Marketing and have an excellent experience in online marketing including organic & paid.

My experience and constant learning help me to help other businesses to grow their website traffic & sales while maintaining the lower cost-per-acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization– Hope you agree with me that every website owner wants the 1st page ranking on the Google search result page with their product/services keywords.

Is it easy to get page 1 rank? Or is there a guarantee? Sorry, it’s not easy and it’s not guaranteed. But, if you know the right strategy and have years of experience on Search Engine Optimization of various industries then it can be easy but honestly, it takes time because it all depends on many factors like your domain age, selected keywords competition, competitor’s strategy and many other factors.

A Digital Marketing Expert can help you achieve the page #1 rank for your website indeed. Being an expert, before assisting on the SEO I prefer to analyze your website first, to check all the SEO parameters like web-page content, inter-linking, Meta title, Meta description, keywords density and other on-page areas after that the backlink strategy, content submission, off-page optimization etc. then can prepare the further SEO strategy for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)- Pay for clicks is called PPC and Google AdWords is one of the renowned platforms for PPC. What can you do in PPC marketing? A lot can be done such as Lead Generation, Branding & Awareness, and Re-marketing.

Google Search Network is one of the top and best option for all the businesses no matter small or big to advertise on the top search results on Google.

Apart from Search Network, we can do Display & Re-marketing, Shopping, and Mobile Apps promotion on Google AdWords.

The digital marketing expert not only can set up & plan the right campaign but also will make sure the low cost-per-lead (CPL) for you because of the vast experience on PPC for various industries.

There are many other PPC offering platforms also and can be considered as per the marketing objective.

Are you running a PPC campaign or considering to launch but not happy or sure on the results, contact me I will try to help and share some best practices with you for FREE :).

Here are some of my efforts and results: –

Social Media MarketingAs we hear the word “Social Media” Facebook is the name that comes to mind first, hope you agree with me.

We cannot deny the power of social media and Facebook, I guess 99% advertisers use Facebook for one of the requirements like Lead Gen, targeted audience reach, audience engagement & awareness and many others provided by Facebook.

In 2016 Facebook & Google accounted 20% of the overall global advertisement spend across all the platforms.

Apart from Facebook, I work on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram also and trust me each platform is strong in order to deliver your goals.

Before deciding the platform for your company promotion, it’s good to discuss with an Online Marketing Expert.

Conversion Rate Optimization– If you ask me working on this is fun and I enjoy it, I understand you are paying so much money to get maximum results but not sure how to reduce the cost-per-lead and get the high conversion.

Investing more and always keep your ad on top results is not the solution to get more sales at low cost, there are many other factors involved which needs to be considered while launching or running an online marketing campaign.

As an Online Marketing Expert first I would like to know your objective from the marketing campaign and will check the landing page, ad copies and need access of Google Analytics as well as the AdWords or Facebook Advert manager account then can assist you in a better way.

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Many people do not know that the potential leads can be generated without a landing page also, that is why an Online Marketing Expert can assist you better than anyone else.

I believe each of us should get an opportunity to learn on the areas we like. Through my blog www.manojnegi.in I love to share my experience and the strategies I applied and was successful in the Online Marketing. I really love Digital Marketing and my favorite topics are Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and SEO & Link Building.

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