5 Killer Tips For A Profitable LINKEDIN Paid Advertising Campaign

LinkedIn paid advertising

The very first thing is that have you set your goal or objective from the LinkedIn paid advertising campaign? If not then do so before planning or acting on your products/services paid promotion.

Might be you are a master in Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts or any other PPC based advertisement. The strategy that you follow on other advertisements might not work with LinkedIn as it’s a different world or world of professionals.

#1- Choose the right Ad types and test your ads with different ad copies

This is very important to know that what type of ads are available in the LinkedIn paid advertising and how they look to the visitors. Here we are going to learn about the 3 ad types and their importance & guidelines.

A. Text Ads

These type of ads are good to generate traffic and leads. As compared to other ad types, LinkedIn Text Ads can be created easily and quickly.

These ads run only on Desktop and there is 3 type of view.

These ads are available on: –

Homepage, user’s profile page, Group pages, Messaging page, My network page, Who has viewed profile page, and on Search result page.

Target, where users will go?

It allows selecting that where the user will land after clicking on the ads, it can be your LinkedIn company page/career page or the website/landing page.

Text Ads character limits and other guidelines: –

  • Headline character limit is 25
  • Description limit is 75
  • Image size is 50×50 (that is optional but uploading an image helps to get more clicks & impressions)

B. Sponsored In-mail

Want to do the personalized promotion? LinkedIn Sponsored In-mail is the right choice.

This is available on Desktop and Mobile both, it directly delivers to the audience’s Inbox message and users can see the In-mail message even the LinkedIn Paid Advertising campaign has ended.

In-mail ads guidelines, specifications, and recommendations: –

  • It only allows Clicks
  • We can use the banner image also, that only shows on Desktops. Size is 300×250.
  • We can add the Sender’s name, total 30 characters allowed including spaces.
  • In-mail message Subject line character limit is 60 including spaces.
  • We have Summary option also and it has 60 characters limit with spaces.
  • The In-mail message Body have 1500 character limit including spaces. We can add the hyperlink also within the body.
  • We can set the Call-to-action button also with the 20 character limit including spaces.
  • If you want to add the campaign or product/services Terms & conditions then it can be done, the character limit for T&C is 2500 including spaces.
  • Do the A/B testing to see what works well for you.
  • Keep your landing page mobile friendly and fast loading.

Reach to the audience at the right time.

The best part of LinkedIn In-mail ads campaign is the messages are delivered when the members are available or active only and the LinkedIn system frequency cap ensures that the messages are noticed by the users.

What can be achieved?

Best option to promote the workshops, seminar registrations, events etc. Also, specific services and products can be promoted for a conversion objective.

C. Sponsored content

Show your ads on the users LinkedIn feeds and build your brand awareness, relationship with the audience and much more. These ad types’ work for all the devices like Mobile, Desktop, and Tablets which means you reach more audience.

You can: –

Attract new followers for your company page.
Looking for the new followers? The sponsor.
Reach the desired audience through the LinkedIn comprehensive target selection options.
Spread awareness using all the platforms and devices with Sponsored Ads.
Generate more leads by using the LinkedIn Lead Generation Form.

Here are some of the Sponsored ads specifications and information: –

  • You can add the Link/URL in the ad text area.
  • Image can be added manually.
  • Banner image size must be 1200×627. Also, the image width must be 400px else banner will not be displayed on the large formats.

#2- Add Conversion Tracking and optimize LinkedIn paid advertising campaigns

If your goal is to generate more leads/enquiries at low cost then do not miss to add the tracking code on your website or landing page.

You can find the Conversion tracking in your CAMPAIGN MANAGER under Account Assets drop down.

Once you have created the conversion code then you can easily track that what audience, age group, and your other selected attributes are generating leads for you and accordingly you can optimize your campaign for a better-results.

#3- Add “Call to action” in your ad copies

Make sure you have mentioned the proper Call to action message in your ad copy so that the users know what to do next. Below are some suggestions to attract the audience: –

Apply today
Learn more
Enquire now
Request more info
Try now

The ads using Call to action get higher click through rate (CTR) which results in a better ROI than the other ad copies.

#4- Be specific and select the right audience

Choosing the specific and right audience is the key to success from the campaign but another thing to consider is that the audience should not be too narrowed.

LinkedIn offers so many options to select to build your campaign audience. For an example, you can select the users: –

Job industry
Company name
Education level
And many others..

As per LinkedIn, for a better outcome try to select 2-3 options from the audience selection.

For Text ads & Sponsored ads, keep the audience size over 50k.

LinkedIn In-mail audience can be over 15k.

#5- Campaign A/B testing

If you are planning to run the campaign for a long time then apply the A/B testing for sure. You can run two campaigns with different audience and styles then see which one works well for you and accordingly optimise the campaign. Let’s say you can test the Job Titles vs. Degrees, Company name vs. Company industry etc.

To save time, you can create the first campaign and then duplicate the same campaign with slight changes in Audience and other areas to run the A/B testing.

These are some of the tips which can help you run the profitable LinkedIn paid advertising campaign. Now click here to start & set up your LinkedIn campaign.


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