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The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Keyword Research in 30 Minutes or Less

Nowadays, most SEO practitioners focus their efforts on link building and content creation. Afterall, with the ever-changing algorithm of the social media networks and search engines, it only makes sense for them to do so. However, despite the popularity of content creation and link building, there is one crucial aspect about running a digital marketing campaign that you should never…

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Google Keyword Tool Update
Google Adwords/PPC

Google Keyword Planner Tool Update 2018

  Today 9th March 2018, finally I can see the new Google Keyword Planner Tool update. It is so catchy and impressive in the first look and allows in-depth data and forecasting which help us to plan the campaign strategy. The new Google Keyword Planner Tool update design is matching with the new Dashboard and it’s more streamlined than the…

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conversion rate optimization
Facebook, Google Adwords/PPC, Linkedin, Miscelleneous, Yahoo

Conversion Rate Optimization- Increase Your Conversion Rate With These #FREE Tips

[Conversion Rate Optimization] Currently, are you in any situation mentioned below? Investing a lot in the Digital Marketing campaigns but not happy with the ROI? Planning to launch the PPC or paid marketing campaign but not sure how to make it fruitful? I am not sure what is Conversion Rate Optimization. Not sure how to lower down the cost-per-lead (CPL)…

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Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions Update for 2018
Facebook, Linkedin, Miscelleneous

Social Media Image Sizes & Dimensions Update for 2018

  Find the below information for all the Dimensions and Sizes you should know before starting the banner/image for your Social Media campaigns and its success! Facebook Profile Cover photo: 851×310 px Profile photo: 180×180 px min size Fan Page Cover Photo:  820×312 px Profile photo: 180×180 px min size Facebook Group 820×428 px Facebook Event Cover photo: 500×262 px…

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