Month: October 2017

LinkedIn paid advertising

5 Killer Tips For A Profitable LINKEDIN Paid Advertising Campaign

The very first thing is that have you set your goal or objective from the LinkedIn paid advertising campaign? If not then do so before planning or acting on your products/services paid promotion. Might be you are a master in Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts or any other PPC based advertisement. The strategy that you follow […]

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Top 5 tips for Facebook Advertising campaign success

Losing money on Facebook Advertising? Or not sure how to create a profitable campaign? The testing is required to achieve your goals from the Facebook Advertising campaigns as it’s a very big platform to do the promotion and if we don’t apply the right strategies then all the money will waste. In this post, you […]

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New interface of Google Adwords
Google Adwords/PPC

Adwords new INTERFACE launched by Google with more features.

If you have not seen or started using the new Google Adwords Interface then you might face some difficulties to manage your campaigns initially as the new interface look & feel and navigations are changed and have better look & feel now. You can switch your old interface to the new interface by clicking on […]

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Google Adwords Daily Budget Flexibility Update
Google Adwords/PPC

Google Adwords latest update on daily budget flexibility

As per the latest update on daily budget flexibility, from 4 Oct 2017 now we can enjoy spending up to two times the average per day budget to help achieve our objective of the campaign, such as conversions and clicks. We all know that our daily traffic or number of searches varies on Google. Some […]

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