Facebook Marketing in 2018 is a combination of research and a fresh idea. Since our school days, we learn through examples and case studies.

Here, I will share a case-study from one of my project where I have used all the tricks which have given me a result within three months of applying it…

In digital world one of the most effective thing which can give you results through Facebook Marketing is Sharing, Sharing and Sharing….and a proper Research.

As, running can make you lose weight similarly the more the shares you get, the more audience you can grab. And, you can keenly observe some very interesting outcomes from the parent audience who are sharing it and the child audience who are hitting a like or reacting on your ad. which was shared by the parent audience.

So, activities on your ad/campaign/post is also an important factor which you can keep in mind before creating an ad.

Right kind of research can make you think over the factors on which you need to stress before making your advertisement live on Facebook.

Research can also help in creating an internal insight sketch with the strength and weakness of your previous campaign or can let you understand the scenario from different perspectives.

This insight can give you a basic idea that in which direction you need to research more and until this stage, you will be aware of your audience who are interested in your business on Facebook.

Tips to follow before setting up a Facebook Marketing campaign in order to achieve better ROI –

Tip 1 – Share the campaign copy which is similar to your ad. For which you wanted to do a marketing.

Tip 2 – See the activities of this post research on who is sharing it, hitting like on it or reacting/commenting on it.

Tip 3 – Extract the record of this audience and categorize them and make your ad copy keeping these insights in mind. Also, your ad copy must be interactive in nature as without having a call-to-action (CTA) nothing will work.

A person will decide to move ahead with you when it is appealing as we all are aware of it we need to keep it interactive as two-way communication can lead to a result similar strategy will work here.

Tip 4 – Those who are frequently interacting with your stuff encourage them by delighting with different kinds of delight programs.

Tip 5 – Make a separate delight program strategy so that you can win over by doing very effective Facebook Marketing in 2018 among billions of users of Facebook.

Tip 6 – Regular quality content campaign & engagement friendly campaign.

Tip 7 – Demographics are our best friends.

Tip 8 – Organic reach plays a vital role and boosting can enhance the effect. Since Facebook has stopped encouraging the organic reach but it still matters. You can read how Facebook Newsfeed algorithm works to understand more about it.

Tip 9 – Effect of duration and time of campaign can give your campaign a hit or miss result. Research on the duration & time for which you can keep your post running.

Tip 10 – Frequency of Campaign

Tip 11 – This one really matters a lot to me, the day of Campaign. It is one of the major points that I keep in my strategy.

For some product or services Wednesday is working out and for some product or services, Friday is the most promising day so, after a small research keep a track of that day which can give you more engagement.

Tip 12 – Ratio of Audience Reach and Number of Audience reaching to it – This is like impressions and engagement where the impression is that audience have seen it but has not reacted to it and engagement defines the campaign communication level with the audience.

Tip 13 – Colour combination & artwork/creativity. Content testing is also an important aspect and you can go for content A/B testing because sometimes engagement percentage can increase or decrease due to the content pattern or style.

I prefer to use 4-5 different ad copies to test.

Tip 14 – Mix and Match to create the best combination of Description, Image and Headline and link (Optional) can let you know what is working for you and what is not.

Tip 15 – Use URL Shortener or any other tool to shorten your landing page URL and use in your ad copy so that users will have two option to land on your landing page. One, through the ads CTA button and second, through a link that you have added in your ad copy.

Facebook Ads Short URL Example

I will take an example of a mobile phone for which we do a deep research before buying it similarly when we wanted to do Facebook Marketing we must be having hands full of research data for perfect ROI.

As thorough research in your niche can help you create campaign effortlessly.

For every paid campaign, I for Investment is important similarly for a better R for revenue a small research and effort can work well in the direction of your ultimate goal.

This process needs a lot of patience which is directly proportional to the product/services for which you wanted to place a campaign. Add the USP of your ad. Campaign which makes it complete and different.

Now, I talk about some other factors which we need to work on while & after setting up a Facebook marketing campaign.

Until now you will be aware of the fact that social media marketing is one of the most dynamic fields to work on, where Facebook demographics also keeps changing.

These may include factors like Reach of your post/ad, awareness or any other news or changes from Facebook and much more.

I just wanted to light on this because we need to be up to date with each and every detail changing with time on Facebook.

Also, we need to be a very active observer of the ad campaign because the post which you have posted in December will not gain this much traffic or activities after six months.

So, be consistent and supervise your campaign keeping all the changing elements in your chart of work.

There is another tip which I have not listed above because I wanted to talk about it in a more descriptive way.

Make Facebook Team your plan designer – This is a way of promoting your page by customizing your promotion or ad Plan.

In terms of Facebook this plan is known as “Get a Customised Advertising Plan” here Facebook will ask you some queries and to answer it you need to follow our tips mentioned above only then you will be able to answer it because you need to be prepared for answering it or should I say you need to do some homework before doing a fair work this is the same case here.

Some major concerns which they put up are –

A) Reply us with some key points and insights of your business.

So, to answer this a business owner or an associate who has to fulfil this task need to be very active and aware of what they want from their business and research will help them answer this question as these answers will let Facebook understand you and your business better.

B) Two main things you emphasize on is your purpose or aim of an ad and in which direction you wanted it to tickle it

As, we all know a goal can give us a direction to follow so that we can achieve the goal we are targeting on similarly, in Facebook marketing a clear goal can define a lot.

Budget is always a concern whenever we are doing any marketing campaign so if you are well-prepared write with confidence in your question paper to get a better result/ revenue from your investment.

C) An ad is designed to reduce manual work in order to improve efficiency and it will give you more productivity time for a profitable outcome

As I have already mentioned many times in this article that with time the scenario will be clear as you cannot get results in a short span of time you need to spend some time for the results you want to get.

Here, Facebook will automatically optimize your ads for the benefit of advertisers.

Facebook has designed their system very easy and for the well-being of their users and advertisers.

Other ways to opt for different marketing objectives are –

1) Specific/Organic Popular Post Boost

You can take help of post insights as it will tell you different organic factors to observe before choosing that particular post.

The post which has given you good numbers in terms of reach, engagement, and performance of the post from the date you have published is the one you can move ahead with.

2) Increase Likes, Increase Awareness

If you wanted to grab more likes on your page, then it is directly proportional to the number of the audience watching it.

So, again the point on which I have stressed on, know your audience this point is directly related to whom you are going to show your ad campaign only those who are interested in your niche will hit a like on it so please consider these points these will help you in grabbing what you have expected from this marketing promotion.

3) A Send Message Button: Small Button, Big Tool

Whenever we wanted a huge success of a digital marketing campaign different elements can give us the result we have dreamt of.

Maybe you are thinking how a message button can give you revenue but there can be a case that a visitor wanted to opt for your services or product and had just watched your post and wanted to talk or have a query to talk this can be a conversion message for you.

So, every small element can be useful you cannot ignore even a small button.

You can attach this message button in each post and can extract the insight of that particular post which has given you more conversions this can make you understand that what kind of post you need to make and will work among the audience.

4) Increase in Visitors, Increase in Changes

This point is typically dependent on what niche you are in.

Now, definitely, this is that thing for which we are working and dedicated a large portion of all the efforts.

You can choose the URL which you wanted to attach to the ad. You can work on a catchy headline which can give you a click half the battle is already won.

You can also see a call to action button you need to choose as per your requirements so you own a shop and you have this Facebook page and you are using Learn More CTA button will not work or will not be able to give you expected numbers so selecting a perfect CTA button also plays an important role.

The age of the audience, gender, location all needs to be perfect and after research, you just need few minutes to select all these criteria for your perfect ROI ad and also consider the time limit as it can impact the performance of the ad.

Here, the landing page which you wanted a visitor to click first from your Facebook ad will act as your first impression give ample amount of time and your best attempt to have the best outcome from it.

5) Communication is Key, make a Bridge and Reach your Destination

Now, we all know how Amazon has acquired the whole market by being Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company. Hope you agree to it.

Increasing customer base, we all wanted to be in a B2B niche or B2C niche. Facebook offers this promotion form which can help in creating a communication bridge between you and your customers.

Facebook Lead Generation marketing objective can be a powerful tool if you use it in a smart way. Under this Facebook allow you to create an enquiry form which you can download under the Publishing Tool.

Facebook Lead Generation Form
You can create this Lead Form during the Facebook Ad Creation

First, this marketing campaign will ask you to put Form Name and this is the first thing which your customer read in such kind of ad to make it in a very creative and appealing manner & for your better understanding or to make it easy Facebook also gives an option to customize it, for an example, you can add your desired question and their answer types like Text option, multiple choice etc.

And, further you can also ask for their full name, email address, and phone number so this makes your form in a very tricky way.

We can also select the language as some people know a common language like English but some are not it is directly related to the location you are targeting your ad, some people would like to read it in their local language and this is just because they like it so you can select the language which can grab your potential amount of customers.

As security is a big concern you can also add a privacy policy link with a form to build a level of trust among your audience.

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I am an entrepreneur since 2009 in the IT & Digital Marketing industry. I am a Certified Google Expert with robust knowledge of SEO, IT Sales, PPC Management, Yahoo AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and other digital platforms.